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A smoky bar, a lovely woman, and… (I love the old private-eye "B" movies...)
Net stockings over well-shaped legs
recalled scenes from B movies, long ago.
I almost expected her to have a
cigarette in a long holder…
until I looked into her eyes.

Deep green, sparkling in the dim light,
they pulled at that part of me
that had no name… but I knew I needed
to please her… whatever that meant.

Her voice was low, husky, as I began
to give her my best lines… she laughed
at the right places… her gloved hand
touching mine… lightly, intimately,
then flitting away like a dark butterfly.

A few drinks and I worked up the courage
to ask her if she’d like to leave… with me.
A brilliant white flash in the darkness
was all the answer I needed and I took
her hand,  leading her toward the door.

Outside, we stopped in the shadows
and her warm sensuous lips caressed
mine, her tongue inquisitively searching
the inside of my mouth.

As she pushed up against me,
her full breasts spread across
my chest, the hard nipples
teasing mine.

Suddenly, I became aware
of the heat emanating from
between her legs as she
wrapped herself around me.

Coming up for air,
I whispered…
“Please, tell me
that’s a gun…”

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An entry for the December 2017 round of "Kit'z Higher Ratings Contest
Prompt:  Open
Line Count: 35

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