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More is cooking in the kitchen than breakfast. A Kit'z Higher Rating Entry

Saturday morning the day starts off slow
with unhurried coffee and no place to go.
Fresh from the bakery, sugary treats;
icing on pastry and so good to eat.

You’re in a playful mood I can tell.
You’re being coy and, combined with the smell,
my mind turns to sweet thoughts – there’s no escape.
I begin kissing your neck. I start at the nape.

I can tell you enjoy it as you start to wiggle.
I lower my kisses and you start to giggle
as you dab some icing onto your chest
and invite me to lick it off of your breast.

Vanilla nipples, my favorite treat
but I know in my heart there’s still more to eat
as you take your finger and downward trace
a sweet line of pleasure to your special place.

I follow the line and continue to eat
as the sugary trail moves toward the heat
and taste of the sweetness combines in a brew
of the wonderful passionate flavors of you.

You reach for my belt and soon I am free
and I slide into you more than willingly.
I’m so excited that I can barely withhold
and as our passion mounts, I’m trapped in your hold.

With a passionate cry, I can no longer control
and drive harder and faster as you cajole
until I find release.  We are covered in sweat
when I hear you whisper… “You’re not done yet.”

Your hands are firm as they take my face
and guide me back to your pleasure place.
The taste of our passion – both you and me
excite my senses as I drop to my knees.

I tenderly touch you with my tongue and fingers
and as your passion mounts, no doubts linger
as I see your excitement has begun to increase.
We both find a completion as you find release.

We hold onto each other as our arousal abates.
Our lips find each other and we playfully taste
the exotic flavors of the love that we shared
made all the better by knowing we cared.

As we’re standing there cleaning up at the sink
I pause for a moment and have time to think.
We’ve both tasted the nectar’s that we created below.
We both found heightened pleasure in love’s overflow.

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An entry for Round 15 of "Kit'z Higher Ratings Contest
Prompt: Open
Form: Quatrain  
Line Limit: None
Line Count: 44
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