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Another poem ... betrayal is the theme ... abandonment, too
Judas -
Oh great Judas , betray again,
expect despair forever in the Hell you have created.
Make your bed a lie among the stained sheets,
of a forgotten lust.
Cancel the desire you feel my one, my love,
once a burning flame,
reduced to a cold spark.
Left alone in a world of fraud and continuous change.
Appearance, gender, destuction, now.
Let it be until tomorrow,
when the sun washes away the hatred,
and self-loathing you nurture in the night.
Lastly, you will see the right
among the wrong.
Cleanse this putrid decay away,
from your terror of the unknown.
Perhaps the terrror will subside when the hour has come
To embrace unfamiliar ground.
Make a sound
To annoy the lost.
Beckon their ire,
and fire the cannon into the face of saints.
And recall the lessons learned and the final present doled out,
by Judas.
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