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Rated: E · Short Story · Inspirational · #1503785
This is an endearing thought to help ones enjoy life more!
Old T-Shirt Moments

How do we know, when, in our lives, to enjoy the moments? It seems that just like an old familiar worn out T-shirt that we fondly keep putting on, life also has its old T-shirt moments. Most of us are caught up in the day to day grind of making a living, nurturing our spouse, children, and pets, but the desire to come back to that comfortable moment is always prevalent with us all. Our fond memories of years gone by, almost always consist of short isolated pieces of time frozen in the satisfying milkshake part of our brain. We love to relive or replay those moments just like a quick rewarding sip of that chocolate shake. Sometimes the memories were from a conversation at a special place and time, sightseeing near the ocean, or just putting on your favorite teams football jersey and setting back to enjoy the game. There are always special times and events that happen, but very few of these qualify as “Old T-Shirt Moments”. These are easily identified because they are the ones that we tend to revisit most often. Of course we'll never wear them out, unlike that old t-shirt, but familiarity will always be greeted with fondness if it's a satisfying moment from our past, and we'll keep putting it on as often as we can.

It's interesting how these “Old T-Shirt Moments”, can sometimes interfere with the present, even though everything we do technically falls into the past, relatively speaking of course. Are we really enjoying all of our moments, like we should, or are we waiting to replicate a fond memory from our past and forgetting the value of the present? There certainly is nothing wrong with fond memories or wearing that old t-shirt, but are we leaving a stack of brand new shirts in the drawer? Do we take the time to do an inventory and dig through our t-shirt drawer on occasion? These questions aren't meant to change our internal habits, we all need our comfort zone at times. We look at our lives sometimes in chapters, or even by momentous events, like when we have moved , got a new job, had a new addition to the family and so on. What makes that comfortable old t-shirt fit just right and look perfect on us every time? Could it be the small things like the color, fabric, how it fits, even the smell? That's the key to appreciating the present, to take the time to savor the moment. Take note of the days activities everyday and remember that you could be right in the middle of an old t-shirt moment at any time.
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