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"The glory and guilt from...rubbing elbows through flattery..is not without...fans..."
A faithful message from a most loyal co-worker:
“Thanks a lot, you’re great!” she says,
Filled with potentially sarcastic, but much
Rich and appealing appreciation.
Honestly and truthfully, just doing my common,
Day-to-day duty for a successful company,
But one with cost-cutting measures and possible layoffs
In the wings of a very profitable, yet business-like stage.
This positive, congenial, high-performing
Co-worker is quite active and charming,
But I see through her eager ploy,
To manipulate and exaggerate somewhat,
Maximizing friendliness to aid her own efficiency.

The glory and guilt from this plan
Of rubbing elbows through flattery to maximize gain
Is not without its highly successful fans –
The business world is replete with
This type of elbow-greaser.
Despite its obvious nature, I, too, employ this
Basic premise, that promoting the self-esteem
Of other, mildly effective co-workers
Creates a positive, friendly, and attractive work environment.
But someday, we’ll find that the mildly effective worker
Who is being complimented and held in high regard is us,
And we’ll realize that we’re not mildly effective at all –
That maybe our co-workers do appreciate
The work that we do –
Even though we’re not perfect,
And can never be…
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