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A short little fanfic I made of Sonic first finding Miles "Tails" Prower.
He was shivering, the fox despised winter, it was way to cold, he always slipped on the ice that was hidden underneath the soft puffy snow. He supposed he was lucky to have such thick fur, and his duel namesakes, a birth deficiency he had, would allow him to curl up and feel much warmer then if he had been normal. If he hadn't had his second tail, then he would've of most likely frozen by now. He was curled up in a ball, resting against a log out in the woods, the large beautiful woods of West Side Island, this was where he had been since he was born, ever since he was orphaned because of his parents death,

that was pretty much all he knew about them, that they were dead. He wished they were alive, he wished often, but it never came true. He didn't have any friends either, every single person on the island thought of him as a freak, no one wanted anything to do with him at all. He didn't know exactly how long he had been on his own, but it didn't really matter. As he sat in the cold, a sudden sound of someone ploughing...no, running through snow could be heard, they were coming closer. The fox didn't know what to do, he wanted to hide behind the log, not wanting to be beaten by bullies again, but he was simply to cold, and instead decided to simply take it. The figure appeared, and out of the top of his eye the fox saw him, he was a blue hedgehog with green eyes, he had red running shoes and white gloves, and he was about to run by when he noticed the small kit, the hedgehog screeched to a halt, which caused snow to plough from in front of him to shoot out in front of him.

“...Huh?” The hedgehog walked over to the kit, then knelled down next to him. “Hey, what are you doing out here? Why aren't you home?” The small kit sniffed the cold air in.

“I don't have one.” Sonic's eyes looked sad.

“Well...where are you parents?”

“Dead...I think.” Sonic's heart ached for the young little orange kit already. He looked around, not seeing any sort of shelter for the kit, although what did you expect? He was in the middle of the woods.

“Well come on, let's get you out of this cold, okay?” The young kit looked up abruptly, amazed. Someone actually wanted to bring him home with them?...inside their house? The kit slowly nodded and let the hedgehog pick him up bridal style as his legs began to run insanely in place, and the kit watched as his face smirked. “Alright! Hang on!” There was a bang, and the scenery flew by them as they sped through the forest. The kit was surprised how fast he could run...in fact...he almost reminded him off someone, but as he thought, he wrapped his tails around himself and curled up in the hedgehog's arms and went to sleep. Sonic's heart exploded at the utterly cute site, and he smiled. At long last, five minutes later, they arrived at the hedgehog's house.

Sonic had one heck of a time opening the door and trying to not dislodge the fox at the same time. He eventually managed it, shut the door behind him, and placed the literal fluff ball on the couch as he slept. Sonic sat down right next to him, and to his surprise he began stroking the kits fur. The hedgehog began to think what he should do with him. The kid had no family, and because of those two tails, most likely no friends either, no place to live. Nothing, and finally, to wrap it all up, the kid looked at least four, five at the most. Sonic starred at the kit now asleep. He decided to let him stay here for a while until he woke up, then he would decide once this blizzard was over.


As Sonic stroked the small kit's hair, there was a sudden twitch of the kits ear, which made Sonic want to hug him. The fox slowly uncurled from his little ball of fluffy protection and yawned cutely as he sat up. His rubbed his eyes (Cutely of course) and looked at Sonic, and instantly jumped back.

“Ahh! Who are you!? W-Where am I!?” Sonic blinked in confusion.

“Huh? Don't you remember? I just found you out in the forest.” The fox slowly remembered and moved back to where he had been.

“...Oh yeah...it's just that...nobodies ever been this nice to me before.”


“Because of this.” The fox held up his second fluffy namesake out for him to see.

“So? That just makes you unique, not a freak.” The fox looked up amazed.

“R-really?” Sonic smiled and grinned.

“Really.” The fox sniffed and began to cry. Sonic looked taken aback. “Hey, what's wrong?”

“You (sniff) really don't think I'm a mutant?” Sonic frowned.

“Of course not little buddy, your definitely not a mutant!” Sonic patted the fox on the head, but Tails dived at him and hugged him. Sonic was now really surprised, but didn't want to pull away, not wanting to make the kid think he didn't want to touch him or anything. Wanting to end the awkward situation Sonic forced a chuckle.

“So, what's your name buddy?” the fox looked at his shoes.

“M-miles Prower...” Sonic smiled.

“Hey, why the long face? That's a great name!” Miles shook his head.

“I hate it...”

“...Say it over and over.” Sonic did so in his head, then he blinked.

“...Oh.” Miles sniffed, and Sonic saved the day.

“Hey hey hey! Don't worry! I'll give you a new name!” Miles stopped sniffing and looked up as his ears perked.


“Yup...hmmm...how about...” He glanced at the kits namesakes. Sonic grinned and snapped his fingers.

“I've got it! Tails!” Miles grinned at his new name.
“Tails! That's a great name! Thanks!” Tails hugged the blue hedgehog again. “Oh, by the way, I never asked what you name was.”

“Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog.” Tails gasped. He couldn't believe he forgot Mobius's hero. Tails let go and sat back in awe.

“Y-Y-Your Sonic! As in the Sonic!” Sonic smiled and nodded.

“The one and only!” Tails continued sitting in awe until Sonic glanced at the clock, it was already eleven. “Wow! Man, we've got to get you to bed, it's way past your bedtime.” Tails frowned.
“I don't have a bedtime, I stay up as long as I want.” Sonic grinned.

“...Not any more you don't.” Tails blinked and his eyes widened.

“W-What do you mean?” Sonic grinned even bigger.

“Cause your living here with me from now on!” Tails look was indescribable, his heart was exploding and he was the happiest kit on all of Mobius and then some.

“WHAT! R-REALLY!?” Sonic nodded.

“Yup. I've been thinking about it for a little while and since neither of us have family's, and we both need some friends desperately, why not?” Tails yipped with glee and tackled the hedgehog way too hard and they both fell to the floor. “Ow! Look what you're doing there little bro!” Sonic laughed. Tails starred at him.

“Little...bro?” Sonic nodded again.

“Yeah, you'll be the little bro I never had!” Sonic should of kept his mouth shut, Tails, now simply overpowered with glee was now nuzzling the hedgehog as well as hugging him. Sonic eventually shrugged and and said to himself. “Ah, what the heck.” He hugged the fox back, then got up and playfully carried him to his room.

“Hey, wait, where am I gonna sleep?” Sonic smirked.

“Well, looks like tonight with me, and tomorrow we'll go getcha a bed, how's that?” Tails hugged him again. “I'll take that as a yes.” The kit blinked as the hedgehog took a sudden left, for had he continued going straight they would've ended up in the bedroom. The fox looked puzzled.

“Wait, what are we doing in here?” Sonic smiled, placed him on the ground and turned on the water, the kit wasn't wearing anything, which didn't surprise Sonic all that much as he pondered it. The kid had been alone for a while with no money and no anything really.

“Givin' ya a bath.” The cub's eyes widened as Sonic seized him and placed him in the water once full. He almost regretted it, for the fox yelped from the hot water, but he waited a few seconds, while Sonic turned the facet back on and added additional cold water to it, and it got better. Sonic added bubbles to the mix, which made the kit giggle. He then took a bottle that said “head and shoulders” and poured a sort of gooey green substance onto the kit. Sonic took of his glove and rubbed the substance in between his hands before lathering the fox's fur. This continued for a good three minutes, until the kit was now a mountain of bubbles. Sonic chuckled at the cute sight, then, taking a large vase jug full of water, held it above the cub and said. “Incoming waterfall!” The water fell down in a large single stream, then split as it traveled down all four of the kit's sides, taking the bubbles and dirt and such with it. The fox giggled once again as Sonic finished and put him out on a green towel.

“Waterfalls can't fly!” He laughed. Sonic chuckled and began ferociously drying him with the towel, and eventually making him look like a green fluffy twinkie, with it wrapped around him. He then took off the towel and placed it on the counter, where he would deal with it tomorrow, he then turned back to the kit.

“In my world they can! Now come on, bedtime squirt.” He directed Tails into his room next door, and the kit obliged, as the hedgehog shut off the light in the bathroom and followed.

Upon entering, Tails looked around the room, there was a bed, a night stand, a closet, a window and a dresser, but besides that, not much. His ears perked as a voice appeared from behind him. “Go on, get in bed.” Tails looked at the bed, it was at least a half a foot or maybe even a foot higher than himself, and Sonic actually stifled a laugh as he watched the kit attempt three times to climb up, but fell on his butt every time. The kit got up and rubbed his back side.

“Oww!” Sonic laughed, then picked up the small fox cub and placed him in the blankets. The kit instantly relaxed, he forgot how relaxing a bed was, having not been in one for a year or two, or even three. He grabbed all of the blankets and cuddled with them, as he closed his eyes, until he heard an impatient clear of the throat. He opened his eyes to see Sonic starring at him, tapping his foot, yet with a playful grin on his face.

“Move over ya fluff ball!” The hedgehog exclaimed while Tails giggled. Sonic raised an eyebrow. “Oh, think it's funny do ya'? Well how about this!?” Sonic leapt into the bed and attacked the small cub with a barrage of tickling. The kit yelped with laughter as he felt fingers traveling up and down his stomach and sides, he yelped twice as loud as one of Sonics stray fingers entered the kit's belly button. After a minute of this, the small orange cub managed to wriggle his way out of Sonic's grasp and hide underneath the blankets, a natural instinct of hiding from predators. Sonic just chuckled. “Blankets won't save ya'!” He then took the blanket, and making sure Tails was at the bottom, took all four edges and held it as if it were a bag. He peeked his head in and saw little Tails being forced to be in a ball position because of the bag. He was giggling though. Sonic glanced at the clock, and let go of the blanket's edges, which caused it to fall normal and for Tails to roll out giggling. “Alright little bro, we'll play tomorrow okay?” He said laying down on his back. Tails nodded.


“Promise what?”

“That we'll play again tomorrow!” Sonic chuckled.

“Course, Tails, I'm gonna play with you all the time, you might actually get sick of it after a while!” Tails shook his head.

“No (yawn) way...” Sonic smiled.

“Alright, that's it, bed, now.” Tails smiled and got into the other side of the bed, curling up with the blankets once more.

“Promise you'll be there when I wake up tomorrow?” The fox asked, a little worriedly.

“Course I will! Now come on, we won't be able to play tomorrow if we're tired.” Tails nodded.



The sun slowly came up and reached through the window, warming everything in the room from the cool night. One certain hedgehog was awake, and was about to move when he heard someone get up and yawn next to him, Sonic remained perfectly, still, waiting for the right moment to strike. He felt Tails gaze on him and then hesitation, maybe he didn't want to go and do anything in the new house without Sonic's permission.

“...Hey Sonic...you awake?” Sonic felt Tails gently shaking him, yes, now was the moment. Sonic suddenly sprang up and tackled Tails to the floor, which caused him to yelp in fear at first but then instantly turned to laughter after realising it was just more playing. Sonic pinned the now giggling fox to the ground.

“That's big bro Sonic to you!” The hedgehog said grinning evilly, and resuming where he left off last night. Tails began laughing again, but he was very famous, at least to himself for being able to escape from holds. He slipped out and ran and hid in the living room while Sonic got up and looked around. It was quiet...too quiet, and Sonic was carefully scanning the area and hearing every sound with his ears. Then he heard movement behind the couch, and he grinned again. “Hmmm...I wonder where you are...”

Sonic said out loud, Tails, only being four didn't fully comprehend that even giggling would give away your position in a game of hide and seek. Sonic jumped over the couch and tackled the fox who was crouching there. “I thought so! You can't make even a sound little bro!” Tails was smiling again, but Sonic had a lot of things he wanted to do that day, so he grabbed the fox and pulled him up. “Alright little bro, now come on, let's get you that bed!” Tails smiled and nodded as he and Sonic ran out the door to begin there long adventures together.
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