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A short one-shot of my fan character "Blaze the Fox", Tails son.

The room was completely in awe, was completely at peace, and on every face was a look of completely joy and happiness. The hospital room, which was already small as it was, had five people in it, and was crowded to say the least. Out of the five animals, one was a young feline nurse, she was in her early thirties or late twenties by the looks of it and was smiling brightly, leaning up from the white cloth before her on the bed and smiling. The second was a much older wolf. He was definitely in hi late forties, and had a stern look to him; He smiled though as the new noise entered the room. It was a noise that every parent on the Mobius prayed to hear after a long wait of months and months.

The third animal was a mongoose, she was a bright yellow color and her eyes were already tearing with happiness at the sound and sight. She watched the nurse pick up the source of the crying noise and could only grasp her husbands hand. Her husband was a large, bright orange fox, in his twenties, as she was closer to early thirties. He clenched her hand tightly, not as with a comfort as he had been doing for the past fifteen minutes, but now because of excitement and just an overflowing power of love. They both store at the nurse as she began to lean back up, with the fifth and final new member of the room. A small bright orange fox. Small hands clenched against it's chest as he let out a not very loud cry. Two triangler pointy ears were on each side of his head, and a small, not quite yet developed muzzle on his face. He had a small patch of fuzz that was his chest fur, and just as the doctor had predicted, two tails, just like his father. The young nurse leaned up, cradling the small infant in her arms as she walked over to Mina and smiled brightly, as Mina herself was on the very verge of tears.

“Ms. Prower...your new baby boy.” She gently handed the small cub to the mongoose, and Mina gladly and also gently took him, cradling and now starting to cry. She turned to her husband, who was smiling like he was in a dream but was not crying.

“...He looks just look you.” Miles “Tails” Prower leaned in closer to his wife, and could only gaze with his own bright blue eyes at his son. The young fox, just as both his parents were starring at him, smiling closely, his eyes opened, and his large blue eyes looked up at them curiously with his small mouth agape. Mina couldn't no longer control herself, she made a sniff and leaned down, nuzzling the small orange fox as she managed to sob out to the nurse and doctor. “T-Thank you! Thank you so much!” The age wolf shook his head.

“Your very welcome, but you did most of it Mrs. Prower. We only helped.” The young nurse who was next to him was also almost in tears, and wasn't really in the position to talk right then. Mina turned back to the small cub in her arms, and turned to Tails, who was still starring at the fox as if in a trance.

“Honey...would you like to hold him?” Tails looked up at her, blinking and quickly nodded. Mina sniffed and slowly handed the small cub to him; He took the small kit and held him even more gently then the others had. His eyes sparkled as he started rocking the small fox, who was still looking up at him with his head tilted and small mouth still agape. Tails smiled and nuzzled his forehead against his.

“...Already the cutest thing I've ever seen...” The small fox then began to make a lot of incoherent spitting and babbling noises. Mina looked up and her eyes widened, as a single tear ran down Tails own cheek, and fell to the ground, a she made a sniff, still looking at the baby fox. Mina smiled and leaned in as well, hugging both her foxes. The doctor and nurse both nodded and smiled, leaving the room quietly. Not before hearing Sonic's voice asking if they were ready yet. Tails chuckled, as Mina and his own face were only inches from the young fox's.

“What should we name him?” Tails didn't answer, but store at the fox and smiled.

“...Blaze...Blaze Prower.” Mina sniffed loudly again, hugging her husband around his torso since she was laying down and he was sitting up.

“...I love that honey...our little Blaze...”


1 Month

Tails smiled, continually making extremely goofy looking faces at the small fox, who only blinked and gawked at him the same way he always did. No matter what the fox did Blaze always only store at him for a a minute, as if wondering what in god's name he was doing, then quickly became interested with the environment. Tails made a chuckle and sighed all at once, taking the small fox and sitting down on the couch, holding him in a cradling position , and just watching him.

Blaze didn't cry that much, only when it was something extremely important, like if he was very hungry or he when he went to the bathroom, or tired. Apart from those he normally didn't cry for a reason unknown to Tails or Mina. What he did do was coo and gurgle a lot. As if constantly trying to communicate in another way then crying. As Tails held him and started to rock him the fox looked up at him and started moving his fists up and down as he started cooing.

“Baaaababababababa.” Tails grinned, finding it adorable when he did this, and quickly nuzzled the small kit while repeating the same sound.

“Bababababaababba!” The younger fox then stuck out his tongue, making a raspberry sound to no one in particular.


“You blowin a raspberry at me? You blowin one at me!? We'll I'm gonna blow a raspberry too!” Grinning he leaned down and blew on the small fox's stomach. There was a giggle from the small kit and Tails leaned back up and chuckled along with him. As Tails continued to watch him, and noticed his eyes became more and more sluggish. “You tired buddy?”


“Yeah me too, I think it's time for bed.” Tails slowly stood up, stretching his leg muscles and walking out of the living room into the guest room, which was now instead Blaze's room. Gently placing him in the crib and putting his blue blanket over him, and smiling at him before turning back towards the door. “Alright buddy, time for bed, me and mommy gotta watch a movie from NetFlix so try to stay asleep for as long as you can k?”

“Bagjedjdfrpffffttt.” Tails laughed and started to walk away, turning out the light and closing the door.


8 Months

Things were changing quickly for the young fox, he could now crawl well, sit up himself, and stand if helped by someone. He was also showing more specific ways of letting his mom and dad know he wanted something. Instead of crying, he now made a soft whine or whimper while doing a physical action that showed something, if he wanted to be picked up he would wave his hands, if he was hunger he would keep his mouth open while making the annoying but cute whimpering noise. Tails, like always found it the cutest thing in the world and would always huggle him before getting or giving him what he wanted.

The elder fox sniffed at the cold autumn day, walking up the frozen pebbled ground towards his house. He had to return a plane for a client and it had just so happened said client lived more than fifteen miles away. He was looking forward to his son and wife being there though. They could always cheer him up even on the lowest days. He reached the door and made his way inside, closing the door behind him and turning around and smiling happily. Mina was standing not five feet away, holding the small cub up so he could see him come in.

She smiled at him, and Blaze's mouth opened wide as he started laughing.

“There's your daddy!” The small fox, who had had his look of eyes wide and mouth open a little changed to a happy giggling grin, fully recognizing his dad now when he saw him. Tails grinned and forgot about taking off his boots and came over to her, leaning down a little to the foxes height he gently put his hands in front of his face, and then opened them, with a goofy face waiting for the kit. Blaze giggled the entire time, even when his hands closed, knowing he would have another one. Mina laughed a little as well, looking at the small fox and smiling at him brightly herself. “Your daddy's silly! He's a silly daddy isn't he?”

The small fox giggled and clapped his hands as Tails made another face that resembled that of Shadow on a bad day. Tails grinned and gently took the cub from Mina.

“Dada!” Tails heart exploded, which these days, happened on a daily basis.

“Yeah, dada!” He nuzzled his nose against the cubs own, which again made him giggle cutely. The fox cub, either excited or just randomly then made a loud screech, which made both his parents only laugh. Mina chuckled, coming over closer to the fox and smiling.

“What was that?”

“Maybe he's heard you singing in the shower and wanted to try.” Mina laughed, leaning sideways against her husband, who, not being able to use hi hands, used his tails to put around her waist.


1 year 2 months

Most toddlers start to walk a few months after their first birthday, but others can take until almost eighteen months to walk without using furniture to help them. Tails was lucky with Blaze, who had started walking using things to hold on to only a month ago. Tails constantly, a few times a week would practice with the fox walking on his own. He would take him under the arms and slowly show him how to do it. Mina had mixed thoughts about it, wanting ti support her husband and of course for Blaze to walk but she wasn't sure if he should be rushing it.

By now the fox could say about seven or eight words, they consisted of “dada, mama, no, yes, up (wants to be picked up), down (wants to be put down) and juss (juice). Tails was relaxing on the couch, taking what was left of his vacation and using it to relax instead of working for once. Mina was reading a small book to Blaze on the couch next to him, it had a picture and a sentence, then it would ask what color the thing was and have a couple colors next to it for the baby to pick out. Blaze would constantly stop her by pointing out something in the book and saying something like “wah” or “gah”. His way of pointing, still not having advanced finger control was his entire hand touching the thing he was “pointing” at.

“The fire truck went to rescue the kitty. What color is the fire truck?” The fox happily, sort of slapped the fire truck.

“Weh.” Mina smiled, turning the page and continuing.

“The tree was big and tall, what color is the tree?” The fox took a minute with this one, as the available choices were red green brown and green. He then slapped the brown color and made another inaudible babble. Some of his words did sound like others, despite having some that were completely babbling. He had what seemed to them as “wo” for “blue” and “O” for what Tails thought as for “cold”. Although these weren't very reliable, sometimes he changed it up and “wo” would be “wa” next time. In any case, he was picking out the proper colors and could make more out of the environment around him. Tails turned towards them and smiled.

“You picking out the right colors buddy?” Mina nodded, petting the young fox and moving his small developing bangs from his brow, he seemed too busy with the pictures to notice.

“Yeah he's doing a great.” Tails smiled.

“Man. He sings, he can pick out colors, pretty soon he'll be able to beat me at building planes.” Mina shook her head and chuckled.

“Noooo!, silly daddy!, I don't think you can build a plane! You tell daddy he's being goofy again.” Blaze looked at her and then to Tails, and then said in a very convincing authoritative tone.

“Baga!” Both Tails and Mina laughed again.


2 Years

Now getting close to winter, everything was getting much colder everywhere. Tails had turned on the heat to keep everything warmer, but some spots it still remained a little chilly. Now 2 years old Blaze had a very large vocabulary of words. Most he couldn't say correctly but the important thing was that Tails and Mina could finally understand exactly what he wanted and also play with him more efficiently. Mina and the small kit were sitting on a large white blanket that was spread out on the floor, a large variety of toys covered it. Blaze constantly grabbed toys and tried to figure out what to do with it. Mina smiled having gotten an idea, and picked up a small toy phone and spoke into it while smiling at the fox.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Blaze looked up at her and smiled excitedly, and stared looking around the rug for another phone. Not seeing one he improvised by using a plastic loaf of bread, putting it to the side of his head and talking in his high voice.


“Hi! Who's this?”

“Me momma.”

“(gasp) Blaze, what are you doing on the phone?”

“Talkin you.” Mina chuckled as did Tails, who had begun to watch them more than the news on TV about a snow shower that night.

“Talkin to me? What do you wanna talk to me about?” Blaze cocked his head sideways.

“I dno, you call me.” Mina smiled and put down the phone, taking the fox and huggling him in her arms as he giggled. Tails smiled, the sight alone causing him to get up from the comfort of his seat and slowly walking over to his wife and son, joining them on the rug by crossing his legs, opposite of Mina. She smiled brightly with her sparkling green (there green right???) as he sat down, and she let the cub be able to see both of them by placing him in her lap.

“(Gasp) There's daddy!” Blaze smiled happily.


He instantly got up from his spot sitting and tried to jump at the older fox, he tripped though, falling forwards, about to collide with Tails knee but the fox caught him at the last second. Both he and Mina gave a sigh of relief, though Blaze seemed unphased by it, proceeding with hugging his daddy around his torso and nuzzling him. Tails grinned happily, his heart, right on time exploded once more. Taking the small kit and nuzzling him himself, Mina smiled again, loving their interactions with each other.


4 Years

Blaze was now four, he had mastered walking, using his hands and every other basic function a year and a half ago, and was now developing skills of his own. He found he liked drawing, which both his parents were very happy he liked, as well as being the absolute perfect sharer and frankly a saint child. He did everything he was asked, was always happy, barely whined, was affectionate, etc. In fact the only thing Tails had issues with his son these days were his constant bad dreams.

Three sometimes four times a week he'd come into his fathers room, around in the 9:00's or 10:00's and tell him he had a bad dream and if he could sleep with him and mom. Tonight, was no different.

“...Daddy?...” The once black and dark room was invaded by a stream of white light, as the door opened wide, swinging and bringing yet more light as it went. Tails at first frowned, getting a tad stressed by these constant bad dreams. He soon, after hearting silence as the fox wondered if he was awake or not, sat up and smiled, still half asleep. Smiling at the cub he repositioned himself and took off the blanket he had been using and sat off the edge of the bed, still smiling.

“...Not another one...?” Blaze looked at the floor, not liking to make his dad mad and nodded. Tails sighed and exhaled, looking at the ground and, for the almost twentieth time opened his arms and smiled brighter, his tiredness now leaving him quickly. Blaze looked back up and smiled, slowly walking over with his blue blanket In hand and made his way onto his fathers lap. “What happened this time?” The small fox curled into a ball, leaning against his fathers chest as he retold his fears.

“In the dream the door to my room opened and this person I didn't know came in, I couldn't see him but he was all black.” Tails blinked with a blank face a she hugged the kit.

“Awww, I'm sorry buddy...” The small fox looked up at him expectantly, and almost as if the two were having a telepathic conversation Tails eventually gave in and smiled. “(Sigh) Oh alright, climb in.” Blaze grinned as he ran into the covers, where Tails joined him, as they both tried to get back to sleep.


7 Years

“Alright, catch it!” Tails smiled brightly, tossing the red colored Frisbee towards the small almost identical fox, who was standing about twenty feet away. As the red disc soared through the air the kit watched it, mouth agape a little as he looked up and held out his hands.

“Ok! I got it! I got it!” He backed up a little, before tripping, making a cute yelp and landing on his butt, where the Frisbee landed on his head and rotated a little before stopping. Tails stifled a laugh, but he managed to suppress it, not wanting to laugh at his kit. Blaze blinked and took the red disc off his head, smiling once more as he got back up, and threw it right back. “Here daddy!” Tails laugh vanished as he smiled and ran quickly to the left, catching the thing without a hitch. He was still smiling when he spin in mid run and threw it back again, getting a “wow!” from Blaze as he again moved back a little and almost caught it.

“Alright, now I got i-BUMP” Just as the Frisbee wasn't a foot away did he accidentally trip over one of tips of his tails, making him fall backwards and onto his butt once more, the red disc falling next to him. Tails sighed but chuckled, but then went back to a sigh when he saw the small kit start to tear up a little. He quickly walked over and sat down next to him, taking him next to him.

“What's wrong?” The fox was frowning but still sniffing and crying a little.

“Why can't I catch it? You-you catch it every time.” Tails sighed and shook his head.

“Buddy, I'm an adult, your still a little kit; It'll be a while before you can get as good as me. All you need to do is keep practising, you'll get it eventually.” Blaze looked back up, knowing his dad never to be wrong before he blinked.


“Really.” The fox kit looked at the ground and rubbed his eyes a little and got up.

“Ok...than, I'm gonna keep trying!” Tails smiled, getting back up and ruffling his hair and retrieving the Frisbee.

“There we go!” They got back into position, and continued to practice. And let it be noted on that day, Blaze was able to catch the frisbee.
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