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A humorous poem about poetry and its forms...

Blank verse, free verse, I can't see
why should I call that poetry?
Why should I waste my time
when I could be immersed in rhyme?

There's something about the ebb and flow
of rhyming words. I want to know
how anything could be much sweeter
than listening to the music of a lilting meter.

Acrostic, cinquain, ancient haiku
to me, none of these will do.
Give me the whimsy of Clerihew
four bright lines of varied hue.

While I can respect the form,
Pleiades doesn't keep me warm.
I prefer a rhyming puzzle
structured like the Persian Ghazal.

So keep your sestina and triad,
not that I think of them as bad,
but I prefer my mind to dwell
on the multi-rhyming villanelle.

Only one verse of the dorsimbra
rhymes and that leaves me feeling blah.
And, so I'll cast this magic chant
in hopes that rhyme will soon supplant.

"Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble."
Save us all from unrhymed hell,
bless us with your doggerel.

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An entry for "The Humorous Poetry Contest
Genre: Comedy Poetry
Line Limit: None
Line Count: 28

The quotation is from Shakespeare's Macbeth - credit due where credit is deserved *Smile*
rune - poem or incantation of mysterious significance, especially a magic charm.
doggerel - comic or burlesque, and usually rhyme in loose or irregular in measure.

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