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The Obama presidency in the US and its significance to the oneness of the human race.
All for President Barack Obama

First (in 2008) a Poem, "America By Obama"

Now (in 2012) an Acrostic, "Champion of Change"

America By Obama

“I have a dream… I have a dream.”
“…The colour of a man’s skin…
  Of no more significance
  Than the colour of his eyes…”
They had a dream, yes they dreamt a dream!
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream;
The wailing Bob Marley dreamt a dream.

America, everyone’s America, the dream of existence:
Africans, Asians, Jews, Arabs, Europeans,
Whites, Blacks, Coloured, Everyone, All;
One people, big mission, Great Nation.
America, our America, the big dream!

Africa, our Africa, the dream defined;
By latitude and longitude, centre of the world;
At equinox and solstice, heart of human race.
Africa for America, the centre holds tight;
America by Africa, the heart beats right.

“In God we trust,” Obama sets the stage;
America, super-great America, land of opportunities;
    Obama for America, the biggest opportunity.
America, sky-bound America, land of flights;
  America by Obama, the safest flight.

“In God we trust,” Obama holds the State;
America, everyone’s America, land of freedom;
  Obama for America, the freest state.
America, our America, land of dreams;
  America by Obama, the dream fulfilled!

    Champion of Change

Bring on the leader, the speaker, the seer;

Attention please! for this is not an accident:

Real dream, even in kindergarten,

At a time he wanted to be President..

Cause of peace he dreamt to promote,

Keen on a mission without a precedent.

Opportunity availed, prosperity restored

By the rivers of the American dream;

Assailed with doubt, cynicism, but yes, he can:

Marvellous in our eyes, historic in our mind.

Arise, stand up, for the champion of change.

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