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Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #1505274
Can James, an ordinary high school boy shoulder the fates of two worlds?
Hi this is the author here. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i have writing it so far! i have only been at this for a couple of days and any feedback would be absolutely awesome.

Prologue: The Summoning

The dark room slowly filled with light.
A tall man, dressed in a pure white robe began channeling magic into the floor of the room. The four other men, dressed in red, blue, black and green stood silent, mentally preparing themselves for the spell they were about to attempt. “It is done” the white mage said as he moved to the tip of the pentagram he had etched into the ground. “Take up your positions, we will begin momentarily”. “Are you sure this is the only way?” the Green mage replied “a summoning ritual such as this will disrupt the natural balance of our-“
“We know!” spat the red mage, a short slender man whose fiery red hair matched the color of his robe “Spare us your rambling we have heard all your arguments before this is something that must be done”
“I know, damn it I know, that doesn’t mean I have to like it” the Green mage replied, taking a deep breath to settle the anger inside of him
“Gentlemen” the white mage spoke, all eyes snapped to him instantly “If you would be so kind?” Magic rippled throughout the small as the men began to chant a complex spell. The white mage remained silent, deeply concentrating on the weaves of magic in the room. Guiding and channeling the spell that was slowly taking shape. A glowing Ball was slowly expanding at the center of the pentagram as the room began to hum with the sound of powerful magics, the shields around the mages began to waver. Drawing magic from his soul, the white mage bolstered his companions defenses least the magic tear them asunder. Sensing the spell was ready the white mage sent a though to each of his companions, all at once they raised their hands each sending a constant stream of their elemental power into the glowing ball. Abruptly the ball disappeared. Slowly, one by one all of the mages dropped their walls and looked around. “What has gone wrong? Did the spell work? There is nothing here!” The Red mage said. “Of course the spell worked” another of the mages replied, this one wearing a deep blue robe “everything was fine up until the end”. “Fear not.” The White mage finally said, “I felt a presence enter our world”. Regrettably he could not tell where exactly “now let us hope we find him before he can cause any trouble”

Chapter 1: introduction to James

James awoke to the beeping of his alarm clock.
No way... it can’t be that time already? James thought to himself. Wiping the sleep from his eyes he slowly rolled over and sat up on his bed. The morning sunlight was barely visible through the dark curtains that hung over his windows. Standing up and stretching he moved over to the windows and opened the curtains, flooding his small room with light. As he headed to the bathroom he powered on his computer on the way past. Splashing his face with water he studied himself in the mirror. The boy looking back at him through the mirror had sandy blond hair, piercing blue eyes that either intimidated or annoyed most of the people he had contact with. He wasn’t Muscular but not as lanky as he had used to be before starting his exercises that he had secretly hoped would stop the guys at school from picking on him. Thinking he should hurry and get ready he disrobed and stepped into the shower he didn’t feel like running late today. Not that he particularly cared, all it meant was standing outside in the hall for fifteen minutes and as far as he was concerned it was fifteen minutes less time he had to put up with the guys in his class. James had a quick shower and was dressed with heaps of time before needing to head to school. Bumping the mouse on his computer he sat down at his desk and logged into the massively multiplayer online game he had devoted the last two years of his spare time to. 7:45 the alarm clock read which left him with more than enough time to see who was online before having to go to school. The only problem being as James realized was that nobody else in his guild was online this early in the morning. Sighing, James logged off and decided to get to school early for a change.

Checking the door behind him was securely locked, and that his backpack was secure on his back he began to jog to school. His apartment was in a quiet area of the city with not a lot of traffic on the streets, the surrounding suburb seemed to attract a lot of young families with one or two children each. The trip to his school took him through a park whose grass was always overgrown and the various swings and slides that were provided by the council were in a bad state of disrepair. The council came through a few times a year and trimmed the grass back down and that was the only time it got any use by the kids in the area. A few minutes jog through the park and through some back streets bought him to the beginnings of the city he lived in. Stopping at a street crossing to catch his breath he looked down the street he was on and could just see the corner of his school at the end of it. As the lights went green signaling pedestrians to cross he briskly walked across the road and began jogging again towards his destination.

Stepping through the schools front gates he could hear the bells starting to ring that signified that lessons were beginning soon. The school was separated into many buildings and the layout of the area was something that James had memorized long ago. First through the gates on the right was the schools administration building directly opposite that was the library and beyond that again a large undercover area that was used for assemblies and was one of the designated lunch area for the more junior students of the school. Behind these buildings were two large rectangular buildings that stretched for about sixty meters and were each three stories high. The buildings on the right housed the more hands on subjects the school had such as woodwork, art and home economics. While the buildings on the left, where James was heading now, housed buildings for the more academic subjects of maths and English. Behind these buildings was the schools sports oval which has benches and trees spread around which was the designated lunch area for the more senior people at school. James entered his first lesson of the day, Social Studies and had only just sat down before his teacher a small balding man who always seemed to wear the same brown jacket walked in and began the lesson.

The rest of the morning seemed to drag on by it always had for him. He had only been interested in a couple of the subjects at the school and didn’t bother in any of the others. He only ever did the bare minimum of work so the teachers didn’t take notice of him, which worked for him fine. The one subject that he looked forward to everyday was woodworking. He had always liked making things with his hands and that subject had been the only one that let him do it. The bell for lunch seemed to take longer than usual to sound today. Not bothering to listen to the teacher’s final words he headed out of the classroom as fast as he could, if he was fast enough he might be able to avoid the leader of the guys that bullied him. “Yo, James where do you think you’re going? Not going to say hi to your good friend Seth huh” the boy sneered at him getting chuckles from the four other guys that had moved to encircle James. Fuck, he must have left class early... Damnit I haven’t had to put up with his shit for the last few days! James scolded himself for not seeing this coming. Seth stood before him at least a head taller than James was, Jet black hair and eyes to match mouth turned up in a wicked smile. He had been tormenting him for the past two years now and was part of the reason why James had no friends at school, the few people that were not intimidated by James were always ‘persuaded’ by Seth to stay away from him. James had no idea why Seth had chosen to pick on him, he just figured he was the unlucky chosen one. “What do you want Seth?” said James looking not just at Seth’s eyes but every detail on his body, watching how he rolled his right shoulder ever so slightly. Before he would never had noticed the motion but he knew if he concentrated enough then maybe today his training would pay off. “Huh? Since when do I have to need something from you to talk to you?” Seth replied angrily getting more snickers from the other guys around James. “We both know you don’t want to talk to me you stupid idiot” James spat, hoping to get Seth angry “Just hurry up and get this over with so you can gloat about how you can’t fight anyone one on one you damn weakling.” James saw Seth clench his teeth at the word he knew he had pissed Seth off, Good he thought to himself, he knew the anger would make the punch that was coming go wide. Relaxing his muscles and dropping his knees slightly he waited for the swing to come. He only had one chance at this and he needed to do it perfectly. He saw Seth pull his fist back and swing forwards with a powerful straight punch. In the past this same punch had almost knocked James out, the last time he had taken it full swing he had been seeing stars in the corner of his eyes for most of the day. Focus…Don’t you dare take your eyes off that fist James said to himself and indeed the punch seemed to be slower today James only had to move slightly to the right and the fist flew a hairs breadth past his cheek. Stepping forwards slightly James struck forwards and his fist landed squarely in the middle of Seth’s chest. “I did it!!” James thought to himself but something didn’t feel right. Looking up he looked right into the eyes of Seth, full of fury “Weak… Too weak how dare a weakling try to attack me!” Seth yelled as he planted his fist directly into his chest knocking the wind from James’s lungs. James crumpled to the floor, coughing hard. Seth sighed “down already? And who were you calling a weakling? Huh?!” Seth said as he kicked James in the ribs. The other boys moved to join in but the bell for the next set of lessons began to ring. “Times up boys” Seth said “we will finish this wimp off later”

It took James a few minutes to get himself up and over to a bench in an out of the way place. Hot rage burned inside of him as he moved his hands over his ribs and chest checking for any permanent damage. Upon not finding any he concentrated on his breathing trying to calm himself down. Idiot he thought to himself looking at his fist he thought that finally he had him. He hadn’t planned on throwing the punch, he wasn’t sure how to punch he had only been reading online about how to dodge punches not throw them. Taking a mental note to read up on punches and practice them he slowly stood up, he felt like he could walk so he slowly made his way to the next class. The rest of the day passed by uneventfully, although he had just barely avoided Seth’s gang on the way out of school. Despite the pain in his ribs he jogged all the way home.
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