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This article explains the author's view that video games are good for you
How many people have been stressed out? I know I have. But I found myself an answer to the problem. I found something that relives stress. You want to know what it is? Video games. 50 years ago they didn’t even exist. Now almost everyone has played them. For most people it’s just a way to kick back and relax. For others it can turn into a deadly trap. Because of that our “parental units” conceive up the most annoying of arguments to stop us from gaming. But I for one view video games as a great way to relive stress and not as bad as a thing adults would have us believe.

Some adults complain and say that video games promote violence. I disagree, when was the last time a kid hurt someone after playing video games? Video games provide an alternative to real life violence and are a place for kids and adults alike to just relax and immerse themselves in a world of fun.

Feeling angry? Pop in Halo 3 and annihilate some aliens. Or have or friends play too and destroy them instead! Feeling down? Nothing cheers you up better then destroying some cars on Burnout Paradise. Feeling stressed out? Go shoot some zombies on Left 4 Dead. Whatever your mood a video game will always leave you happier then when you started.

There are video games for every occasion and some are even educational. Adults argue that you don’t get exercise playing video games. Not true! Playing on the Wii requires hand and sometimes even body movement in order to play. Not your thing? Pick up Guitar hero and play some songs on a life-sized guitar.

Adults also argue that you don’t make friends playing video games. But they are wrong, for example take the Xbox 360. With a mike for communication and superb online connectivity you can make lots of friends and play with them on a regular basis. Just add them to your friend’s list and play your favorite games with them or even against them all from the comfort of your own home! Now what’s wrong with that?

Video gamers beware the dreaded trump card of parental authority. Video game addiction. Adults can use this ace in hole to put a stop to your gaming. But really how many cases are there? One hundred, maybe two hundred? When you look and see that over three hundred thousand people play Halo 3 alone every day you can see that overall the percentage of those people is tiny, miniscule in fact.

Videos games are one of the greatest past times of America. Without gaming tons of teens would be stressed out unable to function. If adults do not realize their folly millions of teens worldwide will find their video games under lock and key. While Adults would celebrate that their “little kid” isn’t exposed to virtual violence I believe that on a national basis violence would rise as video games don’t promote violence rather they provide an alternative to violence. Being stressed out is not something I enjoy. As gaming provides stress relief and just downright fun I believe video games are one of the best things the modern day world provides.
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