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Rated: E · Poetry · Men's · #1506052
Terah has a very strange disease. But who is Terah?
My name is Terah,
I’m 36.
For the last 7 hours I have been ill.
The doctor says it’s a very rare disease.
It’s something between a virus and a cancer.
An organism brought by a faulty duplication of some of my finest matter.
It is something born in me, yet alien somehow.
It is made of my same matter, yet it is capable or rearranging and transforming matter itself.
It is an organism that has its own plan.
A plan that does not match with my plan.
It’s an organism that does not find a balance with the surrounding environment.

The disease manifests in the following main symptoms:

Grayish rashes all over the surface;
Fluorescence of the rashes when exposed to darkness;
Overheating of the area around the surface;
Mood swings;
Thinning of my protective layer especially at my top and bottom;
Sudden cold and shivers.

The symptoms usually reach their peak
After 7 or 8 hours.

I am also now noticing a grayish cloud of unidentified junk floating around me and occasional luminescent ejections, leaving me towards my neighbors.

That’s good news!
The doctor said these symptoms manifest themselves in the final stages,
when the faulty tissue has consumed it’s resources and tries to spread to a different host.

Apparently it’s a very stupid organism:
by rearranging and processing the matter that surrounds it, it transforms the environment to a point where it becomes unsuitable for it’s own self.

That’s when it tries to reach
A different host.

But don’t worry!
It rarely succeeds.

And when it does,
It rarely
Takes root.

As far as I’m concerned,
I’ll be fine by the end of the day.
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