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The physical attraction of a well-endowed person - an erotic love poem.
Heavenly, tan-colored breasts,
Infinitely desirable and luscious,
Exposed only partially
By her stylish, casual, decorated shirt,
Appear to me ever so distinctly
As she leans over a small table.
I am not in awe, but curious, regarding
Her beautiful, deeply extroverted, well-made-up
Face and the stately resolve of her
Lovely cleavage to remain bare and visible.
In her wise and friendly conversations,
She is meaningfully engaged and
Often smiling to her chatty girlfriends
And seemingly indifferent,
But grateful guy-friends,
Who cheerfully cherish her
Exquisite personality. 
My eyes linger at the shapely,
Supple exposure of her tan upper body,
As she bends across the amply-long table,
Showing her gorgeous assets
Through a low-cut, light-colored top.
She has likely been known to get
Everything she deeply and willfully desires
By allowing herself to be knowingly,
Trustingly, and openly examined
By her helpful male responders –
Often, this is the balance of power for women
In a world dominated and ruled mostly by men
In these often tragic, and deeply troubled times…
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