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by Tanger
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The very popular yet unknown usage of DXM in the teen culture is examined closer.
It was 3:00am in the quiet town of Idaho Falls when four 17 yr olds entered the local WinCo. The numerous security cameras kept watch over them from all angles as they went directly to the pharmacy. Each one of them picked out two bottles of Robitussin “Long Acting” and then chose a check out line.
The middle aged clerk ran the medicine through the laser scanner and dully spoke the total price then sent them on their way.
It is typical for many teens all over America to do the same thing multiple times in a single month visiting the same stores. Most teens drink the horrid liquid in two glorious gulps then they wait about half an hour for the colors to start to smear.
Many teens hear about “Robo-Frying” as an easy, cheap high. The worst part is that it’s at every single store. It’s on the shelves right out in the open and therefore easy to steal. Some teens steal 4 to 6 bottles before moving on to the next store and doing the same thing there. Of course these are the rare, the bold and desperate addicts. The majorities of these DXM recreational users usually purchase their fix however.
DXM is the cough suppressant ingredient that replaced codeine in over the counter cough remedies back in the 70’s. It is available to the public in both syrup and pill form. The most popular pill is “Coricidin-Cough and Cold.” This is it’s brand name but street names are also Triple C’s(because of the three C’s on each pill), Skittles, or Red Devils. In fact most people would surely rather take a few pills (8-16) instead of slurp down the thick red syrup of Robitusin. There are roughly 120 non-prescription generic brands that contain DXM.
Ironically Dextromethorphan (DXM) can be used to aid in patients recovering from other drug addictions. Its high comes on subtle at first and before the doser realizes it they are submerged in drifting thought processes much like floating in a dream. This is because DXM belongs to a family of Hallucinogens called disassociates. This family also brothers PCP and Ketamine.
Many people can’t conceive how popular or how dangerous this drug is. Long term affects are unknown because it hasn’t been used in earlier generations. However if one becomes addicted they can suffer from GI track abnormalities that can carry painful consequences into their older age. Every time a person trips on it they are essentially purposefully overdosing, which has psychedelic effects.
Once a tripper starts DEXing they feel buoyant and carefree. Slurred language and clumsy walking brings most observers to the conclusion that they are observing a drunken fool who makes no sense. Fleeting thoughts behind wide dilated pupils keep the tripper entertained with almost anything set before them. Accelerated nervous systems make eating fulfilling. At higher dosages the user sees in tunnel vision and tunnel hearing. Everything seems so far away, so distant and not apart of anything real but belonging to a dream.
Once the dosage is raised to a very high level one will become disconnected from their senses causing “out-of-body” experiences. They won’t be able to talk, walk, think, act, or do anything but lay and fly around in a cosmic Crayola psychosis. Upon returning to Earth one slowly recovers their senses. The skin feels like rubber and the sunken eyes glossed over black dart here to there as the mind is still on rapid fire. The connections in the brain are hay wired and the person won’t be quite able to be normal for many hours. The nervous system has been bashed and battered. A melt down has occurred and the body must re-boot which takes hours. Once most things are back to normal, the hours of staying awake catches up to the person and then they sleep. The sleep is necessary for mental and physical recovery.
Scientists have speculated that a type of brain damage can occur known as Olney's lesions (also known as NMDA receptor antagonist neurotoxicity) if the dosage is high enough and used for long periods of time. Even more damage can be done with every night of sleepless adventures dexing. These effects can be healed over a period off the drug.
This is a popular way of getting high when other drugs aren’t available. Some groups find a soft spot in their heart for the drug which is why they are called suitable “DEX Heads.” Sometimes it is hard to notice if someone is under this influence.
The only prevention will come in the form of awareness. Many clerks need to know who their customer is. If a sick teen comes through the line, that is one thing but to see 4 youngsters out and about late in the night each buying 2 bottles each, is trouble.
Shane Haley
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1506436