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by sleepy
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Idea for my first Sci-Fi genre story.
NOTE: This is an idea I have for a Sci-Fi Novella. This is the main premise of the story. If you have heard of something like this before, please let me know.

A man of our planet, some time in the future, learns of the on-coming destruction of our world. It is a natural destruction that is inevitable. He doesn't have any offspring to worry about, only himself. Most of his adult life living alone, he has kept a journal of daily events and his dreams, wishes and prayers. He converses with God daily as if he were a man sitting face to face with him. He sometimes says things such as repeating commandments then following it up with, "I know I didn't do this the right way, and I know I shouldn't have slept with Steve's wife. I know I should not covet my friend's wife." He also enforces punishments upon himself. Say like he won't eat for two days to make up for something he did wrong. (Just an example).

When the final days approach, he desides that he wants his journal to survive the planet's destruction and formulates a way to save it. He encases the journal in plastic, then encases it in dry ice. He has a man weld a titanium case around it and buries it behind his house. The world is hit by a meteor, or a super nova or whatever, but it is blown to bits. The journal and its casing survive for millions of years flying through the galaxy at a fairly high speed. It is intercepted by space travelers from a distant world. They have just now recieved the light from our planets explosion. The book is removed from the box, and the words translated from a satelite we had sent years ago with information about our language. (maybe, hmmm.. I don't know FISHING) ANYWAY, they figure the words out. This planets society is in search (like all of us) of the meaning of life and how to properly live it. They beleive that the man that wrote this book is the son of a god because of how he speaks to God in his writings. They change thier small society by living their lives according to this man's beliefs. They even punish by way of a court system accordingly.

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