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A letter from a young girl, whose mother is dying, written to Santa.
Dear Santa Claus,

How is it up there in the cold? I live in Minnesota, and it’s very cold down here. I’m sure that it’s a lot colder where you live though. It has gotta be awfully chilly for Frosty not to melt.

I know you probably get a lot of letters from little girlies and boys just like me, but I have something really special that I need to ask for. You see Santa, my mommy is really really sick. My dad says she’s sick with a bad word that starts with the letter ‘C.’

Mommy has been in the hospital ever since Halloween. She couldn’t even help me make my costume. I ended up having to go as an angel, just like I did last year and the year before. But that was okay with me. I just missed getting to be with her.

My mommy is coming home to be with my sister Kaylie and me and Daddy for Christmas. Daddy said that she has to go on a trip after Christmas and we won’t see her for a very very long time. But he won’t tell us where she’s going.

So I decided that I want to do something special for Mommy, since this will be our last time together for a while. Is there any way you have any pretty picture frames up there in your factory? If not, I’m sure one of your elves could make one; they don’t look like they would be too hard.

We have a lot of pictures of me and Mommy and Daddy and Kaylie and I think she would like one to take with her on her big trip.

Please Santa please, I’ll be happy if this is all we get on Christmas. I’ll really miss my Mommy.

With lots of love from Minnesota,
Kiely Martin
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