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by Rider
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Act of Terrorist is illegal and cowardness
    Terrorist is a out come of unhealthy mind of human race.All creatures of God love and share with their own groups.Whereas human who have sixth sense had created hate and revenge with their own races, Why?.Its a dark part of human life in this world.Man kills is fellow men,oh! what a horrible situation,least to think and act.

                              Terrorist were uneducated fools misunderstanding the laws of God.The terrrorists are misguided by the fundamentalist, orthodox, intolerant leadership. They view their inhuman terrorism as holy war.All religion teaches human race, how to love one another, how to live in peace and how to lead an holy life.They are like ghost which wander without peace due to untidy deeds. Human life is a  rose, but terrrorist are making it a thorn.Devoid of made thinking  against fellowmen and loving them is the ultimate peace.So,be wise to live a right ,lawful life in midst of pains and worries.

                                                Young people should understand the demerits of  anger, revenge and hating the fellow people and they should live a life, full of love and peace.Elders should teach the young ones about the true law of God and about fruits of healthy mind which think about grace and peace all the time in their lifestyle.Richer should love the poor and capable person should help the needy person.Unhealthy mind should see the peace through good peoples life.Learn from nature and share everything with other.Change everything with love and not with revenge and weapons. Those who take weapons will die by the weapons.So, Be fruitful to others and not a thorn to other's life.

                        Love one another,care one another, share one another and live a peaceful life.In the end Heaven will welcome you with angels.
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