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by ashie
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Haven't you ever wanted something less fantasy and sci-fi type?
Hi everyone! I'm a bit new here on Writing.com, this is my first item, so be kind!

Have you ever searched for erotica in the search box? Don't start shaking your head no, or be grossed out, because its okay to be curious! Hey, if you are in the mood, you are in the mood.

Well, I know I have. I started reading erotica rather frequently recently, and no offense, authors, but there is not a very good turnout. It seems as though the Erotica section of Writing.com is as the Romantic Comedy section is in movie stores. We all watch them once, and always know the ending because no matter what, they're all predictable.

Sometimes, I just want to read some good ol' erotica. Not Fantasy, or Fanfiction(I do know what that's all about though! =]) Sci Fi, or any type of vore! Everytime I search, the majority of what I come up with is animal vore, or a shrinking thingy, or age regression, and sometimes giantess stories. Everyone has their own style, and I am definitely not criticizing that, but whatever happened to the man on woman lust?

Okay, I totally understand everyone has their own writing-style-turn-on, I've certainly got a few odd ones myself!

But the writing is going downhill!

(Sorry if I'm babbling, but hey, you clicked on my item and it's my opinion)

People are getting sloppy and careless, just writing to satisfy their own needs. Although there is nothing wrong with that, what about the good of the people? To satisfy the masses? I just don't see much of that anymore.

There are some really amazing erotica short stories on here though! Very well-written, with attention to detail, little misspellings and almost no grammar errors! I want to applaud those authors. They are good people!

I'm sorry I cannot stay on topic, but at least it is all focused on erotica.

I enjoy erotica. If you are reading this, you probably enjoy it too. So please, let's all try to help people like us, that enjoy all different styles of erotica. 

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