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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #1508264
Short story about a sick girl and a kitty who changes her life at Christmas.
It was Christmas Eve. Jade Linton was happy about Christmas but she had been so sick with leukemia and some days she felt better then others. A pretty twelve year old girl with long dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. She felt the end was near. She could see it in her parents eyes. Jeremy and Shayla Linton hated their daughter being sick and now she was dying. The doctors had given her a few days.

Alba, her Nanny never left Jade's side. She was in her fifties and she loved Jade like a daughter. The Hospice Nurse Marlene had just left. The young nurse had taken several blood samples and Jade felt it was a waste of time. Marlene wished Jade and her parents a Merry Christmas. Shayla was an older version of Jade. Such beautiful women, mother and daughter. Marlene prayed for a miracle but she always prayed for all her patients. Marlene had to take blood samples to the hospital before she went home to her family.

Jeremy Linton lit a candle and looked at the beautifully decorated Victorian Christmas tree. Angels, Victorian shoes, Victorian carriages, pink Victorian ornaments adorned the tree along with multi-colored lights. Jeremy was a rich man and was good to his employees and everyone he knew. He wasn't a selfish man. He wished his money could save his daughter. That was his only Christmas wish. He heard a noise under the tree. It sounded like a "meowing" noise. He and his family didn't have any cats. He stared at a Christmas package he hadn't seen before. His handsome face wore a puzzled look.

"Is anything wrong, Jeremy? I mean besides possibly losing our daughter." Shayla started to cry softly.

Jeremy hugged his beautiful wife. "We aren't giving up on Jade. She is our only child. We have to hope for a miracle. There is a present under the tree I haven't noticed before. This is going to sound weird but it is meowing. Like there is a cat in the package. Did Alba wrap up a cat or something?"

"What? Of course not. Jeremy, show me what package you are talking about."

Jeremy grabbed a package wrapped up in red and blue kitten paper. He handed the present to Shayla. She heard the meowing, too. "Jeremy, this is strange. There isn't a name on the package."

"Mommy. Daddy. What is this about meowing in a package?"

Jeremy and Shayla looked up the stairs to see Jade standing there.

"Princess, what are you doing out of bed? Alba! Go assist Jade!"

"Daddy, I feel good tonight. Please! Help me downstairs. I want to hear more about the package that is meowing."

Jeremy went upstairs to help Jade come downstairs and Alba came out to help. "I am sorry, Mr. Jeremy. I was in the bathroom."

Jeremy nodded. "It is alright, Alba but please get a better eye on Jade."

"Daddy, stop treating me like I am fragile. I am not at death's door, yet."

Jeremy was so embarrassed. "Of course, you're not, Princess. The Chemo has made you weak. I am just concerned, that's all."

"Daddy, show me the package. I want a kitty cat!"

Jade sounded like she was six instead of twelve. Jeremy and Alba had walked Jade downstairs and sat her in the red velvet winged backed chair.

Shayla went up to Jade and kissed her cheek. Mother and daughter were so beautiful together that they could pass as sisters. Jade hugged her mother. "Mommy, bring me the package."

Shayla handed the kitten wrapped package to Jade. Jade heard the meowing, too. She smiled. "Who is the package for? I don't see a name. There is a kitty meowing. Please. Can we open it?"

"We don't know who the package is for or where it came from. Open it, Baby. A kitty can't stay in a package." Shayla smiled.

Jade slowly unwrapped the package and the meowing got louder. As she opened the box, a pretty brown, orange and gray cat jumped out of the box. It had the sweetest eyes. Jade squealed with delight. She hugged the kitty and it purred. "Mommy. Daddy. Can we keep her?"

Jeremy and Shayla looked at each other. "Of course, you can, Baby."

Jade petted the kitty and got down on the floor with it and the kitty. Jade felt so good. She was happy and all smiles.

Jeremy, Shayla, Alba and Jade exchanged gifts. Jade got a new velvet blue dress, a black pony statue, fairy globe with a unicorn, her favorite perfume by Elizabeth Arden and art supplies from her parents and a beautiful handmade wolf quilt from Alba.

Jade had given money for Alba to buy her parents gifts. Shayla got a pearl necklace and Elvis items and Jeremy got paintings that Jade had painted before she got sick. Jeremy loved Jade's art. Jade had a real talent for art. Alba got diamond earrings that Jade had Shayla buy for her. Alba always wanted diamond earrings.

Jade was so happy. She went to bed at midnight and the kitty slept with her. Jade didn't fell sick. She felt perfectly well.

The next morning Jade got up at 10:00 AM and dressed in her new velvet blue dress. Alba was shocked. Jade had only worn nightgowns for months. Jade put on a pearl and diamond necklace and pearl ring. Shayla went to town as soon as she got and bought a cat box and cat food. Kitty was eating before Jade got up.
Kitty was back in bed with Jade before Jade got up. Jade walked downstairs by her self and Jeremy and Shayla were so surprised.

"I am hungry, mother. What's for breakfast? What about kitty? She has no food."

Shayla smiled. "Yes, she does. I bought her food and a cat box before you got up." Shayla was amazed at how healthy Jade looked. Jade was hungry. That was a good sign.

Alba fixed Jade some bacon and pancakes. She ate them and she didn't throw up.

Jade played with the kitty until she fell asleep. Jeremy left for town and bought home a cat bed and toys for the kitty.

Jade took an afternoon nap as Alba fixed dinner. Jade ate turkey, some mashed potatoes, dressing and chocolate cake for dessert. Jade hadn't ate like that in a long time. Jeremy and Shayla were so happy.

Jade and kitty went to bed late. The next day, Jade was up early. The phone rang and Shayla couldn't believe what the doctor's office had said. Jade's blood count was down. It was normal. The doctor wanted to see Jade the next day.

Jade was so surprised. "It is the kitty. She made me well." Jade hugged the kitty and kissed her nose. "Kitty needs a name. How about Hope?"

"That is a nice name." Shayla smiled. She hoped that Jade was right. She hoped that Jade was better. Lucky for Jade, Chemo hadn't made much of Jade's hair fall out. Outside of being pale, Jade looked beautiful and was now glowing.

Jade read books and scrapbooked the Christmas pictures that Alba had taken of the family. Jade had a new outlook on life.

Jeremy and Shayla took Jade to the doctor the next day. Her blood count was perfect and her vital signs were good. The doctor sent Jade to the hospital for tests. Jade had went these tests a hundred times it seemed. She was brave about it. She had kitty waiting for her at home.

The next week went by and it was New Years. Jade would find out her test results the next day. She played with the cat and she and her parents played board games. Jade ate a lot of food and put on six pounds. Jade had hoped for the New Year that she was cured of her leukemia. Her parents did, too and they prayed.

The next day, Jade kept her doctor appointment. Her tests were perfect and she was cured. There were no signs of leukemia! Jade knew it was because of her kitty Hope. The kitty was a gift from a higher power and a miracle.

The years passed. Jade was nineteen now and was going to the University near by. She was studying art and had art shows and was a famous painter. She painted pictures of her kitty Hope. Hope. She was her miracle kitty and her life line. Christmas six years ago had bought her two gifts. A kitty to love and a miracle cure all in one. Christmas miracles do happen.
Beautiful Christmas Poser of me as a young girl at Christmas by Angel. .
Beautiful Poser of young Megan and kitty.
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