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In the guise of ancient ways, near to God we ache for praise... A Rhyming Acrostic
Seeking Cultural Harmony and Peace
in Our Troubled Times…

Sewn into the depths of time,
Ever changing – yet sublime;
Each one sacred – each one blessed -
Kissed by fate we seek our quest.
In the guise of ancient ways,
Near to God we ache for praise.
Grand illusions drawn by Man -

Cultures crushed from clan to clan -
Ushered forth by holy rules,
Led there by a host of fools;
Tearing other's ways apart -
Un-do pain with hardened heart.
Raping cultures of their wealth
As they march in quiet stealth;
Leeching off the loser’s land,

Heinous in what they demand.
Asinine we modern men;
Rendering our hate again.
Mindless in the ways we act -
Odious as wars protract.
Narrow thinking soaks the mind;
Yearning heaven prods Mankind.

All our angst seems thrust t'ward God -
Not one fight will He applaud!
Deadly thoughts negate a prayer,

People caught within despair.
Ending customs steeped in pride,
Always with Man’s rights denied.
Cease, we must, to stay alive!
Every culture strives to thrive.

In times of ill-gotten gains
Nothing of God’s law remains!

Onward pressed we pray for peace,
Understanding this must cease!
Realizing in the end

There is much we need to mend.
Rules of life can make us free
Offered for all eyes to see,
Understanding how to live -
Boldly learning to forgive.
Let’s start to communicate!
End the fears that fuel our hate;
Dedicate ourselves to right -

Talk about what makes us fight.
In these times of tainted truth
May we change our ways – uncouth.
Enter forth an age of calm -
Share the world with open palm.

cultural harmony
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