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after reviewing someones religious rant I found an old one of mine.
For one of my classes I’ve made the choice to socially analysis 11 movies about Jesus (so much walking, your wasting film, cut to the next scene, seriously [only new additive] ). Apparently, well making this decision I was in an unconscious state induced from my unorganized sleep pattern consisting of long overdue rescheduling. Then again, I might be overreacting because I don’t believe in Jesus.

Actually lets back up for one second for some explanations of my non-religious beliefs. For certain I can tell anyone I don’t believe in god through any organized religion. I think that the corruption in the name of god has ruined any aw-inspiring notion of a supernatural being for me. Furthermore, I regard the live human condition as the ultimate glory of being human; ruling out any need to transcend out of my humanly condition or to insure myself passage into a heavenly world. You may arrive to the assumption that I don’t like people telling me how I should do things and your deductive capabilities rival Sherlock Holmes but that is a rather elementary subject at this point in time. Even though I look down at religion for myself I think people should believe in it if they want to. However, breaking this hallmark liberal statement of total acceptance I think that a believer should not separate their views in different aspects of their life or try and impose their views on anyone else.
This may be hard to understand so let me do that example thing. People separate religion in there lives by creating certain times to worship or to exemplify their beliefs. For instance after a religious service is over a person runs their car into someone else’s because they cut them off. I’m not saying a religious person isn’t human because they have religion just that they should always have their religious heart turned on. Even though I said they should always be religious I don’t think they should pose that religion on anyone else or belittle another for not having their religion. After reading this you may be questioning the facts of over religious living and hurtful actions done in the name of god. I believe that’s a big problem too however no solution comes to mind. I just feel that religion has lost a structural battle from its fundamental beginning from powerful and powerless people in using their beliefs to control others.

I might be a godless wanderer lost in hopeless meaning ranting out nonsense far into the late mornings of our accepted socially constructed world but I’m true to what I believe and sometimes I’m completely wrong. I wouldn’t want it any other way because my mistakes are me.
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