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A young boy who lives in a country village starts noticing people are going missing.
In a small village that had a population of just two hundred there lived a boy called Mark he was just ten years old and he was an only child he liked his life in the village it had everything he needed, a small sainsburys, a post office and a police station of course there was a cinema being built and it was due to be finished at the end of the summer.

He went to the local school and he knew most of the people in his class it was a quite life one which suited him or at least it was until the new neighbours moved in next door that was when things started to get weird. The family seemed normal enough to Mark but he could not help but think it was strange for a family to live in a quite village but never come out during the day.

It was a normal day at school and Mark was just finishing his art class when he over heard a group of people he knew talking in hushed tones and it sounded mad soon after it spread like wild fire through the village and the school a man who went by the name of Tim had vanished.

Tim was a backpacker who had spent the last two weeks at the village bed and breakfast he had gone out for a walk the following Thursday and had not returned at first it was thought he had got lost or moved on, but when his room was searched all his belongings were still there so the local police force started a search of the surrounding area and after a week of searching…nothing no trace it was like he had vanished.

A few days later Mark was walking home when he noticed Alan the man who lived across the street from his house was walking towards him and he looked very pale like he might be sick, as he got closer he stumbled slightly and had to support himself on a nearby lamp post, Mark was worried and asked him if he was alright.

“I am just feeling a little under the weather Mark I am sure it will pass” Alan told him.

Mark could not help but notice that there was a strange mark on Alan’s neck it looked like a bite from a dog but it was some how different from a dogs before Mark could ask him what it was Alan suddenly grew distant and said in a strange quite voice.

“I am needed I have to go…

Then his voice just for a few seconds sounded strange as if he was in pain.

…don’t go out at night or they will get you”.

Mark was taken by surprise by his sudden out burst as he watched Alan walked a little way down the street and walked up to number twenty two the house next to Marks he knocked once his hand shaking slightly the door opened and a slim looking women in her forty’s was standing there, for a moment it looked like Alan was trying to avoid her gaze but she whispered something and he seemed to relax and walk calmly in to the house.

A week later five boys and three girls were not in class they were ill with some kind of flu so Mark's’ class was reduced to only eight people which meant they were sent home early, as Mark was walking down one of the corridors he saw Sarah a girl in his art class she looked very pale and had the same strange bite mark on her neck that Alan had, it was clear she had been crying.

By Thursday Mark was little worried twenty five students were off ill which meant there was only a handful of students left at the school and by Friday the school was closed because there were not enough teachers there. It was later when Mark got home and the sun was just beginning to set.

He was taken by surprise when he got home his mum and dad were not in so he made him self a bite to eat and began to finish his homework when he heard some strange sound coming from the back garden. He looked out into the backgarden and froze with fear in the moons light he could make out a strange creature it looked like a wolf but it was standing on two legs like a human and it was holding his dad in its arms.

Mark noticed his dad was all limp and the creature appeared to be doing something to him it took him a moment to work it out and he all most screamed in horror the creature was drinking his dads blood and by the looks of it was enjoying its self.

Mark turned and ran from the house only to run into another creature in the house it was tall and slim like the other one and has light grey fur it looked like a wolf on two legs it fixed its eyes on Mark and beckoned to him Mark felt an urge to embrace it but a part of his mind screamed that he should run and he did.

As he ran into the street he ran into a girl she was about his age and appeared to be in shock.

“P…please help…it attacked…my dad…

Mark grabbed her hand a lead her to the school were he knew there was a pay phone he dialled 999 but found the phone line was down he started to panic but then he remembered a place he and the girl could hide.

In the morning Mark and Lisa she had told him her name the previous night left the safety of the school sports shed and looked around for help to there dismay there village was deserted they spent all morning looking for someone eventually they found someone it was a boy called Peter and he was pale as sheet and had that strange bite mark on his neck.

“Thank god I have found some one we need to get out of here I managed to escape but she is looking for me” Peter told them.

“What is going on were is every body” Mark asked.

Peter explained that the village had been invaded by a large pack of werewolves and they were choosing the people of the village to be there blood slaves and when ever they needed to feed they would call there meal into there embracement and drink from them. Peter explained also that the females drank from males and the males from females.

After a few hours of walking Peter froze with fear stood at the end of the street was a werewolf its eyes were fixed on Peter and it beckoned to him and he began to walk toward her at least Mark guessed it was a female.

“Run…get out of here before more come…you two must escape…

Mark and Lisa did as he said and ran for there life’s mean while Peter had reached the werewolf and she wrapped her arms around him and drew him to her warm chest before ripping Peters shirt off with her claws. Peter was crying silently as the female gently ran a clawed hand up and down his back soothingly.

“Hush little one all will be well your friend has all ready been marked would you like to know by who…

She whispered it in his ear and Peter froze with shock and a single tear rolled down his cheek as she told him.

“Hush know all is well just relax and let it be… I am hungry and need to feed” she told him.

She then sank her teeth into his neck and began to drink as she did Peter relaxed in to her and went limp all his will to fight gone.

Mark and Lisa ran for a good hour until Lisa lead Mark into an old abandoned house hoping they would be safe there for the night, in one of the large back rooms Mark froze with fear, in the room stood several large werewolves he was going to tell Lisa to turn and run but she just walked in to the room with out a moments hesitation.

Lisa took Mark by surprise when she greeted the werewolves like they were old friends he didn’t need her to explain it he just sighed in defeat knowing what he had done.

“ I guess I should choice my friends more carefully,” he said out loud.

Lisa turned her attention to him and smiled it was a gently smile and she nodded before turning into her werewolf form, she was now a slim grey furred werewolf with deep blue eyes and she looked at Mark with a deep and hungry look.

“Yes you should but I must admit I am very impressed by your show of resistance to the werewolf charm but don’t worry I can easily deal with that, you are very lucky to be the queens blood slave” she told him.

She beckoned to him but she did not use the werewolf charm Mark guessed it was mainly because he could resist it but also because he had no choice but to obey running would be pointless.

He walked upto her and he was crying silently he did not understand why her species was doing this so he asked her. She placed a furry hand on his cheek before answering.

“ Everybody has to live little one even the smallest creature but take comfort in the fact that I will not kill you I will just feed from you for an eternity and if you are good little pup then I will all ways be gentile and loving towards you” she told him in a gentle voice.
With out another word she removed his shirt and pushed him to the ground Mark was confused at first he thought she would have just feed there and then instead she stood on all fours as a large grey wolf and lay on top of him, as she got comfortable Mark could feel the layers of wolf fat moulding to the shape of his body.

Before he got a chance to ask what she was doing she whispered in a gentle and soothing voice.

“ I am going to drain all of your spiritual energy so you can not fight the charm and once your energy is gone I shall feast for I hunger for your blood and I have waited to long to feed from the right person”.

Mark did not feel any different for the first few minutes but slowly ever so slowly he could feel his body getting weaker and it hurt and he found him self crying while Lisa growled in pleasure as his energy filled her making her stronger. At one point Mark screamed as he felt a huge surge of pain flow from his body this caused Lisa to howl loudly drowning out his cries of agony.

“ Oh little one your spiritual energy is so good I cant wait to find out what the main course tastes like...shhh just relax everything is going to be alright” she told him.

She licked his face and pressed her head against his her breathing was fast and she was enjoying every minute of his pain even though she was doing this she still soothed Mark speaking gently to him and licking him it was almost like a predator and prey relationship but mixed with love and sympathy.

Eventually Mark knew all his energy was gone he was shacking and he did not have one bit of strength left and Lisa had become more excited she gently embraced Mark and got herself into a sitting position before pulling Mark into her lap once he sat fully in her lap she whispered in his ear.

“ There is so much time in the world yet so little time for you mortals at least you have one good use”.

Mark then felt a sharp pain on his neck and seconds later he could her Lisa making gulping noises he started to feel more relaxed and he let himself relax into Lisa eventually he felt like his entire body was being slowly stoked by a thousand hands and he liked it.

He was also dimly aware of Lisa who was gently running a hand up and down his back and after a while sleep took over and he slipped into a deep sleep while a hungry she-wolf feed from him enjoying the taste of his blood but he thought little of it all he wanted to do was sleep.

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