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It is the first thing that i wrote that got me writing and therefore my most favorite.
Dreams, expectations and promises, all are present in our mind. When theyre shattered, its the end of the world, or it seems so for a while. It would be better if it were the end, but life makes us move forward. We have to start all over again, making new dreams, new promises. All we can do is just sit there and wait till theyre broken. Thats how life treats you- miserably. Your tears give it the happiness it was lacking. Your end is better, no matter how it comes to you. There is no difference in dying peacefully or with bloodshed. The main thing is that you are no longer there, you are no longer trapped. You are free to fly. Your words and wishes have meaning then. They count as something. With death you achieve something that life had never offered. A chance for yourself without any sacrifices. By giving up life, you are reborn into one that is beyond your imagination. After death, comes life.
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