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The novel is a novel based on the MMO,Mozzoria.Go to www.mozzoria.com/officialforums.
The Warrior

In the world of Mozzoria,there was always one warrior per city.Arania City just happened to have the best warrior of the land,who's name is Morania.Morania is a kind man.He slayed the huge dragon,Eleanor.Morania,in his young childhood,was abused by his owners.When he reached the age of 14,it got so bad.Morania went to the blacksmiths shop and smithed a platinum sword.He killed his parents.Though,he commited a crime,he was not punished,as the cities bishop knew that he was abused.He,now a grown up,kept his platinum sword,as it was magical.It was "magicatized",as he called it,by Wizard Evon.Morania was a master in all combat skills,Magic,range,melee,and hand to hand.He is truly the strongest man in Mozzoria.
Morania is excited for Christmas.He was hoping that he would get a gold crossbow.
"It is only nine days until Christmas."Morania remarks,and marks off the countdown calender."I also need some gold arrows."He blurts out randomly.

Part One
Morania's Fate

On Christmas Eve,everyone was gathered around the Christmas tree,waiting for old Saint Nick,singing carols.Nobody in Mozzoria are todays religions,LDS,Muslim,Catholic,Etc.Everyone used the same religious rules.Their god is named Goroflobb.Morania was gathered with his family.All of the sudden,Morania runs out the door,toward the mountain.Morania nearly fell dead at the sight of at least one million guards.Morania knew that they had come to destroy his city.He forgot his armor.He fought weaponless for about an hour...but the warriors were to strong.He took a fatal blow to the stomach,and went up to the kingom of Goroflobb.
Now,a new warrior was to be chosen.Months zip by.Still no warrior.
Finally,the eve came.Mozitov,the strong,might,and slightly tall,came into Arania City.Now,at the ceremony of which Mozitov was sworn in,Sheila,Morania's wife,got extremely emotional.Before Mozitov was aloud to fight,he needed some extra strength.He trained for almost three months.Now,he was a master at Range,magic,melee,and hand to hand.
"I feel guilty,for some reason."Mozitov says.He visits Morania's grave every week,and lays a bushel of flowers on the grave,where the head is supposed to be.Sheila wants to find out why he feels guilty.
At a press conference,Mozitiov announces that he killed Morania.He was then to be tortured by being laid in a coffin alive,and buried.

Part Two
The Note
"Wow."Sheila says."Morania had a lot of junk."
She discovers a note,and reads it aloud.

"Dear Sheila.Go to Morania's grave."

Sheila runs to his grave,keeping the note in her pocket.She takes it out,and it now says something different on it.

"Read this chant while having your hand on the grave marker."Goroflobb,Goroflobb,we need our might warrior.Bring this mans sword to life,so he can then,see his wife."

"Okay..."She says."."Goroflobb,Goroflobb,we need our might warrior.Bring this mans sword to life,so he can then,see his wife."
Morania,fully clothed,appears right where her hand was.He had his sword in hand.
"Hey guys,whats new?"He asks sarcastically."Mozitov killed me."He says.


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