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by Draeg
Rated: E · Sample · Friendship · #1509772
Straight out of my head, I hope it's not too bad for my first submission.
"I... I like to come here sometimes, y'know, escape the city." A boy was talking, he was probably no older than 15. He was sitting on a slate of rock, facing the person next to him. A girl, around the same age as him. They were sitting a bit back from the middle of a shallow cave, it was on a green grassy hill overlooking the city from a rather picturesque angle.
"Yeah, I guess this is a pretty awesome place to escape from the lights, horns and noise of the city..." She looked out the mouth of the cave, it was the girl speaking this time. It was dark out and the cave was gloomily lit up by the city lights, enough so you could see just right. "So... you said you had to talk to me about... something?"
"Uh...yeah." The boy replied, "We've know each other for a year now," he paused, then gathered up the courage to continue, " Ever since I moved here. You've been the only one to make me feel welcome, even though the others didn't...." The two started to blush, of course it wasn't noticeably visible due to the limited light. They both knew where this was going, " and I just wanted to say..." He paused again, but this time, before he could even begin to finish his sentence the girl leaned over and gave him a peck, on the cheek. Everything stood still for a moment.
" Oh, sorry I - " This time SHE was interrupted, the boy leaned over and kissed her, this time on the lips.

They both closed their eyes and enjoyed the 3 second kiss, although 3 seconds in real time, to them in lasted an eternity, so many words and feelings expressed in a simple action. When they were done the looked and smiled at each other, then slid their hands together. " I always liked.... I always loved you, too. And I hope I never have to let go." She said, bringing their hands to face - level. Something suddenly moved, you could hear a sound in the back of the cave, maybe 5 meters behind them where the city lights didn't reach. "Uh, can we go? that kind of freaked me out" The girl asked, laughed a bit and lightly bit her tongue with her two front teeth.
"Heh, yeah." The boy agreed, they both got up, still holding hands. Again something moved, there was definitely someone or something in the cave with them, and it was fast. It did a full circle around the cave walls, the boy and girl saw it's silhouette as it crossed the cave mouth.
"Sleyyt?" The girl whispered, and moved closer to the boy.
"Okay.... Nale...," Something moved again, "RUN!" He yelled, they ran closer to the mouth of the cave but were intercepted by what looked like 3 dark flames, completely black. Flames in appearance there was definitely something hiding under it, and they it was cold, not like normal fire. They hit whatever was behind the flame and stumbled backwards, to the floor. The children took the sight in for a moment, they were still holding hands, now firmly gripped. The flames moved closer to the girl and jumped.
"SLEYYT!" She screamed, the last few sounds of her voice drowned out by the silent flames, Sleyyt was still holding on to her hand, he could feel her but not see her. The flames disappeared, as a real fire would if it's source just disapeared, and Sleyyt could feel nothing in his hands anymore.

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