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by Troika
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Auret prepares for the Migration to the Farthest North. REDONE!!! Read it again please!
**Quick note: Deffinatley considering rewriting the parts with Christoph and Grace!!**

Bashing the face of this Kavera, before morphing into Wolf . Auret’s opponent had already changed; they started at each other, growling and teeth, bear to the silver moonlight, and then they collided blood splattering the stone floor and pillars of the Aztec temple. They both disengaged each other; Auret’s adversary lunged at Auret. He dodged then counter attacked with his claws scratching the chest of his adversary knocking the Kavera to the ground. His opponent got off the floor, fast, and tackled Auret to the ground. What his challenger didn’t know was that Auret was a Master Wolf, and that Auret knew things he couldn’t imagine. Auret stuck, so fast that he was a blur, and bit his opponent’s neck, crimson hot blood came streaming from the bite and rushed onto Auret’s fur. While holding the corpse in his jaws, Auret closed his eyes and thought, “I’m sorry brother, but you disgraced ancient land. Yet we shall meet again, in the woods of our fathers.” Then he flung the corpse, which at its release turned back into human form, as did Auret. He then grabbed his robes, which were made of Crimson, White, and Black cloth. Then he walked out of the temple towards the sunset, towards his Clan for the migration was about to begin.
His Clan was a small one, only about five in total. Yet still they made the Migration to the farthest north, where not even the pine grew, to pay respect to what gave them their power. The Moon.

As Auret returned to the camp, he yelled commands, “Pack up camp now, we must hurry to reach The Farthest North in time for the end of the migration. Faster!” Auret had recently imposed a new rule, only one pack per Wolf that is why there was things littered around and some even buried so they could come retrieve their dear items later. As he walked he admired the Clan, even though he was not the set leader all of them followed him and his commands. The Clan had split from the Eyrus Clan, the largest of this time. Auret and his friends did not agree with views and doings, but Auret couldn’t think of this now. Auret was interrupted by Otomo, the master weapon smith, could build weapons out of nothing basically. He was somewhat of a scrawny one but his talents are what we kept him for.

“Auret had did the battle go? Well of course you won but did you use any weapons?”

Auret replied, “Otomo, my good friend, I do not wish to be inconsiderate, but you know I don’t fight with weapons.”

“Yes, but maybe.. I thought you might have changed your mind for once. I must go now though I have many tools to pack into one pack.”
Otomo walked off to continue his work.

Auret was again interrupted by no other than Kia’tis, one of the two female Wolfs in the Clan. Her specialties in recon and healing; her Wolf form isn’t a common one more like a natural wolf, walking on all fours yet she has impassive speed. She was lean and quick on her feet, some say she could see farther than the hawks of the Quidrei Forests. She had just returned from a recon trip.

“Sir, the Kaveras are retreating from the Ancient land and there are other threats around. I am to assume then you were successful in your mission?” questioned Kia’tis.

“Yes I was successful. We are moving soon to head north. You should pack and go ahead.”

“Yes Sir!”
And Kia’tis was off, she always wanted to do the best she could. Auret noticed something move in the top of one of the trees and he immediately knew it was Jack. Jack specializes in long range attacks, whether it’s a cross bow in human form or hurling rocks in Wolf form; Jack can hit anything at almost any distance. He was a free spirited Wolf though, a line always quoted to him was, “I flow like the wind flows around an arrow not stopping it but guiding it to its target”

Auret yelled, “Jack did you hear me we are about to leave!”
In an instant Jack leaped from the tree, upon landing morphing quickly to human form. “Yeah I heard you I was looking out for any new Human settlemants.”

“Kia’tis would have told me if any humans in the area were a threat. They are a race that hasn’t shown anything special about them. I hear that the Immortal is meeting after the migration to decide what to do with this new race. But that doesn’t concern a small Clan like us. You must get ready for the trip we leave as soon as the moon arises.”

“Ease man, I’m done just have to find a good restin spot till later.” Jack then departed to prepare for the Migration north.
Auret looked at the suns position and knew it was time for Christoph to check in so he called out. “Christoph what is it?”
Christoph appeared from behind a tree, almost as if he were a ghost. For Christoph was a master of stealth, his Wolf’s fur is so black you can barely see it in the brightest day. Christoph can sneak and break into anything and anywhere and in both forms, he was young but he was good. Christoph’s story reminded Auret of his own almost. Christoph was taken in by the humans after they found him in the forest. But at a forced transformation on his 7th birthday he killed his adoptive parents. Auret found him and started to train him.

Christoph replied Auret’s question, “Master, what is this Immortal council? Why are they meeting because of the humans?”
Auret chuckled as a Father would when his son asked a question which would be hard to explain, “Well Christoph, the Immortal council is made up of the Wolfs, the Vampires, the Dragons, the Elfs, the Draconians, and all creatures of higher existence. There has not been a meeting of the council because of the wars between many of the Immortals.”
“Oh like us and the Vampires?”
“Yes like us and the Vampires, but with a new race showing up and growing so fast. They must all put apart their differences and decide what to do. I don’t want to trouble you with too much information. Have you seen Grace anywhere, we have to leave at the rise of the moon and I want to make sure she is ok.”

“Sir she is where you left her before you went to the temple. In her tent.”

“Thank you Christoph, now go and practice more, I believe you are better at Stealth than I am.” Christoph slipped into the shadows and was gone.
Auret walked to Grace’s tent. Not knowing what to say to her, before he walked up the steps of the Temple she told him she loved him. Grace she had the most beautiful Wolf form ever, the fur was pure white, like that of the moon itself and her human form was just as gracious as her Wolf. She was a Master of the Sword, when she sparred with Auret it was if they were dancing. Her skill in fighting was tremendous in both forms. And light radiated off of her skin and her skin was as smooth as a pebble from the bottom of river.
Auret entered the tent and said in soft voice, not common for Auret, “Grace are you ok?”

“I’m fine. How did your fight go?”

“It was good. You know I had to go in there alone.”

“I know but I worry when I can’t know if you are ok.”
Auret put his arms around her and whispered into her ear, “Since we agree I am fine now. You must pack, for we to leave soon.”

“Auret, why are we going to the North? You know we don ‘t have the numbers to make the trip.”

“I believe our skills will get us there. We will make. Now pack.” He began to leave but right before he left, Auret said to her, “I love you.”
Many perils were in their way to the North, Vampires and Humans were the ones to most worry about. Yet Auret had much hope for his Clan. The Migration was important to him; ever since he was found as a child during a Migration years ago, in his Black, White, and Crimson robes. Auret’s past was not an easy one, he was found after a high ranking Wolf was murdered, many blamed him for it, but one didn’t and that was the leader of the Eyrus Clan. He was only four when this happened which means his first transformation came early. Auret trained hard in order prove himself in the Clan, since he had no family and the past he had wit hthe Clan was the murder. He outperformed all of his masters by the age 15. He went to the Mountains of the West, in order to learn from masters greater than he, Auret beat them all within the year. Auret had power no Wolf had seen before, but he was regnant about them..
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