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Mental health and healing?

I was once asked the question: " Is it healthier to remember or forget?" I am quite certain that each and everyone of us has wrestled with this abstruse complex question. However, on the other hand, we might be able to look at it from the opposite perspective - seeing it as a very simple question, easily answered because of it's own simplicity.

As I began to decipher the question, as this is just the way my brain works, always wanting to see it from all sides and different perspectives, depending strongly on the individual scenarios by applying different circumstances.
If it were left entirely up to me - I would prefer to keep it simple, it's either black or white, not fumbling through all the gray in the process of trying to answer the question.
As there is just far too many various and obvious different cicumstances that could fall in to place, or apply, if you will, to give a quick answer, otherwise we could write a book on this subject.

With all this said, and keeping in mind that this is only my personal opinion - I believe that our heart always remembers, though our minds will allow us to forget. If we could only take the negative experiences and learn from them in a very positive way, and keep the good memories looked away in our hearts to reminisce when we choose to do so.
Well.., I would think this would be the ideal and most logical response.

However, we mustn't forget that we human, and very much different from one another, therefore leaving all of us to respond to this question, or if were put into action; react a million different ways.

So..for now, I will remain the optmist that I am and stick to my simple answer, though may seem unrealistic at times - it is again - my personal opinion.

Lisa marie Davies
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