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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #1510425
A story about a man and his attempts to prepare for a coming date.
    Dennis looked around his apartment with new eyes. The coming date made him notice for the first time just how firm an infrastructure the kipple had managed to established in his livingroom. There were brigades of used food wrappings he wasn't sure he had eaten, and whole divisions paper scraps he was sure he never handled. He saw a platoon of plastic products that were completely unrecognizable to him. He was sure the kitchen was just as thoroughly occupied.
    The layer of grime produced by the kipple clearly demonstrated why the French were as dedicated to their sewage system as they seem. This mess was in no way conducive to getting a piece of tail, much less falling love. He sighed and decided he could not tackle this fierce opponent either hungry or sober. He took a quick measure of his resources and went out for nip at the pub, and dime from the corner.
    As he left his apartment and headed down to the street he made a mental list of the supplies he was lacking, and where he was going to purchase them. He made an efficient yet circuitous route and put it out of his mind.
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