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a scrip about a growing relationship
Deanna’s mother pulled in and got out the car
Dee: hey ma
Mrs. H: hey
Dee: this is Jamie Mrs. Chamber’s granddaughter
Mrs. H: oh you’re the girl from Georgia
Jamie: yeah its nice to meet you Mrs. Hopson
Mrs. H: yeah. Deanna what do you want for dinner?
Dee: your cooking? [raising an eyebrow]
Mrs. H: I was planning on ordering take-out
Dee: oh uh…pizza? I don’t know what ever B wants is fine with me
Mrs. H: ok. It was nice to meet you Jamie
She went in the house
Jamie: she cant cook?
Dee: uh not even a little
Jamie: so who cooks in the house?
Dee: me. [uncrossing her legs]
Jamie: really? [picking up her skateboard and setting it next to Deanna]
Dee: yeah I love to cook its relaxing for me
Jamie: sweet I know where to come when I get tired of my grandmothers green bean casserole [standing in-between her legs]
Dee: hey that stuff is good she gave me the recipe
Jamie: oh god. I hope you can cook more then just 80 different casseroles
Dee: I can [putting her arms around Jamie’s neck]
Jamie: I’ll have to see for myself [holding her waist]
Dee: how bout you come over tomorrow I was planning on making my world famous potato pizza and for dessert,
Jamie: me! [smiling really big]
Dee: no, my homemade no bake cheesecake
Jamie: oh you win. I love me some cheese cake
Dee: wait till you try mine. You’ll orgasm when you eat it
Jamie: nice
They laughed
Jamie: your mom wont mind
Dee: she’ll be at work. It’ll just be me and you.. And B but he’ll be up stairs like always
Jamie: I’ll be there it’s a date.
Dee: if that’s what you want to call it
Jamie: yeah because that’s what it is
Dee: what ever Jamie
Jamie: ok look I got to go but call me
Dee: where you running off to?
Jamie: the skate park I was going to show Selena what real skating looks like
Dee: have fun [fixing with Jamie’s hat] it looks better that way.
Jamie: thanks.
She grabbed her skateboard
Jamie: call me?
Dee: I’ll think about it
She gave Deanna a kiss on the cheek then skated down the drive way and around the corner before Deanna could process what just happened. She shook her head and got down off the dryer. She went in the house Bryan was sitting on the stool at the island eating leftovers from yesterday.
Bryan: so when is you guys first date?
Dee: you were ease dropping!?
Bryan: no I was just fucking with you. But I guess you guys do have a first date. Does Don know?
Dee: its not a date. She’s just coming over tomorrow for dinner. And no Don doesn’t know [sitting on the stool in front of him]
Bryan: oh can I tell him? I cant stand that dude
Dee: there is nothing to tall him because its not a date
Bryan: but when you break up with him… can I do it?
Dee: if that makes you happy B
Bryan: oh it does.
Deanna laughed grabbed one of his french-fries then walked away.
Bryan: only let you do that because you made them
Dee: I know [calling over her shoulder]
She went upstairs in her room and closed her door. She grabbed her book and laid across the bed. She started to read and her phone rang. She grabbed it off of the nightstand
Dee: yellow
Jamie: that really is cute
Dee: thanks.
Jamie: how come you didn’t call me
Dee: I wanted to make sure you had time to skate before I called.
Jamie: oh that’s so nice of you
Dee: yeah I’m a nice person
Jamie: you want to go to the mall?
Dee: I really need to finish this book
Jamie: did I say you were a nerd?
Dee: yeah
Jamie: ok just making sure
They laughed
Jamie: ok well call me!
Dee: ok I’ll call you when I finish a few chapters of my book
Jamie: ok that works. Bye
Dee: bye
She hung up the phone and went back to reading. A few seconds later her phone rang again.
Dee: yellow
Don: hey baby
Dee: hey Don [in a sigh]
Don: what you doing baby?
Dee: reading a book
Don: you want to go lunch right now? I promise no sexual content at all. I miss you
Dee: I don’t know Don I have a lot of cleaning to do
Don: I’ll have you back by two
Dee: [Sigh] fine
Don: sweet. I’ll be there in a few.
Dee: ok bye
Don: I love you
Dee: yup
She hung up the phone and kept reading. Twenty minuets later Bryan yelled up the steps
Bryan: ah Dee! Don’s here
She got up pushed her hair down grabbed her purse and went downstairs
Don: you look nice
Dee: thanks. B!
Bryan: [coming out of the kitchen] yo!
Dee: I’ll be back by two. Can you clean the kitchen for me and tell ma that I left when she comes out of her office?
Bryan: can do big sis
Dee: ok bye
She grabbed her jacket off the couch and they went out the door. He opened the door for her and she got in. he closed it and walked around the car stopping at the trunk grabbing something out of it then got in the car and shut the door
Don: for you
He handed her a long rectangular box
Dee: thanks
Don: open it
She opened it. It was a gold charm bracelet with little hearts on it
Dee: oh its nice
Don: the hearts our for every month we’ve been together
Dee: 6?
Don: yeah. I know I’m a great boyfriend
Dee: yeah thanks
Don: you don’t want to put it on?
Dee: oh it doesn’t match what I have on
Don: ok I don’t want my girl to look jacked
Dee: yeah
She closed the box and put it down in her purse. It was a silent ride to the mall. They pulled in and parked.
Dee: I thought we were going out to eat
Don: we are what’s better then the food court for lunch?
He got out the car she sighed and rolled her eyes. He opened her door for her
Dee: thanks
Don: no problem my dear.
He went to kiss her she moved her face so he kissed her on the cheek
Dee: lip gloss
Don: oh
They were walking through the parking lot. Deanna spotted Jamie’s green Chevy and hoped that they would not run into each other inside they got in the food court and Deanna was sipping at her coffee
Don: you sure you don’t want eat?
Dee: yeah I kind of made a big deal out of ordering take-out tonight and mom will be pissed if I don eat
Don: oh. How is your mother?
Dee: she’s ok always working I with she would take some time off
Don: she has to bring in the money or no one else will
Dee: I work
Don: you have a job?
Dee: yeah I’ve had one for the last four months
Don: Damn I never noticed
Deanna just shook her head and took a sip of her coffee she looked over and saw Jamie leaning against the wall across from them shaking her head
Dee: shit [she mumbled]
Don: what you say hun?
Dee: oh nothing
The next thing she knew Jamie was tapping he on the shoulder. Deanna looked up at her and put on a face surprised face
Dee: Jamie!
She got up and gave her a hug and whispered in her ear
Dee: I’ll explain later
Jamie nodded her head as she sat down
Dee: what a surprise. Her Selena
Selena: sup
Dee: Don this is Jamie and Selena friends of mine
Don: is nice to meet you ladies
Jamie: its nice to meet the man that Dee wont shut up about
Selena: yeah she talks about you all the time [sarcastically]
Jamie elbowed her in the side
Selena: what? You said she wanted to break up with him
Jamie and Deanna gave her a look
Selena: and…that’s my cue to go get some fries
Jamie: yeah that’s a good idea.
She walked away. Deanna and Jamie exchanged looks
Don: Excuse me ladies. Sorry to break up the staring contest but Deanna you want to break up with me?
Dee: well [looking at him then at the table] I’ve been king of trying to do that for the last couple of months now
Don: you have?
He was shocked
Jamie: damn dude I knew that and I met the girl yesterday.
Dee: all the text messages the e-mails the hanging up in your face. That wasn’t just for shits and giggles I really meant it and you just didn’t get it
Don: well fine then give me my bracelet back
Dee: cool [she pulled it out her purse] oh and we’ve been dating eight months not six
Don: really?
Dee: see this is why I wanted to break up with you. You have no idea about any thing. First off I hate gold second the food court is not a date and third off you just think with your member and not your brain.
Don: well you will never see my member or my brain again
Dee: ok that’s fine with me.
He left and walked out the door
Jamie: where’s your book?
Dee: Jamie…
Jamie: I’m just fucking with you its all good. [sitting down]
Dee: I promise the only reason I came was to break up with him
Jamie: and Selena just sped up that process
Selena: what did I do? [pulling up a chair and sitting in it the wrong way]
Dee: oh Boardwalk fries
Selena: want some [holding out the cup of fries]
Dee: yeah
She took a couple of fries
Jamie: can I have some?
Selena: uh…no
Jamie: your just mad because I can skate better then you
Dee: oh how was that?
Selena: she busted her ass
Jamie: twice. How many times did you fall Selena?
Selena: lets not talk about that.
They laughed.
Dee: you going to give me a ride home?
Jamie: yeah were just waiting for Selena’s girl to get off
Dee: I didn’t know you were dating some one
Selena: she one of your kind
Dee: my kind? [raising an eyebrow]
Jamie: she means she’s a straight girl
Dee: why you say it like we’re vampires or something
Selena: I did not.
Dee: you did
Selena: sorry I just meant that she is straight…or was straight…or whatever motions you hetero’s go through
Dee: if she’s with you she’s not straight
Selena: does that mean your not straight because your with Jamie?
Dee: we’re not together yet
Jamie: yet?
Dee: did I say that out loud?
Selena: yeah you did
Dee: shit
Selena: [looking over Deanna’s shoulder] there’s my girl
Deanna turned around and saw the tall girls walking towards them in a pair of skinny jeans her work shirt. Deanna noticed the girl from her class last year.
Dee: Angel?
Angel: Deanna?
Dee: your dating Angel? [to Selena]
Selena: yeah
Angel: are you dating Jamie?
Dee: no
Jamie: not yet
Angle: ok …uh Selena lets go I have to go get my sister
Selena: ok
She got up and gave Jamie dap and Deanna a hug then they left
Jamie: what was that about?
Dee: I cant stand that female
Jamie: why no
Dee: she is a hypocrite. She claims she would never look at a female in a sexual way but now…
Jamie: she’s dating Selena. I get it
Dee: yeah. I’ve got to get home and finish my clothes.
Jamie: you don’t want to go out to eat?
Dee: I don’t want to get in this nasty greasy food court
Jamie: I meant us going out like to buffalo wild wings or something
Dee: oh no wings
Jamie: ok how about you tell me what you want to eat
Dee: I don’t know…
She looked at the table then giggled to herself
Jamie: what?
Dee: don’t laugh at me
Jamie: I wont
Dee: Taco Bell?
Jamie: really?
Dee: yeah is that bad?
Jamie: no I love Taco Bell
Dee: me too
Jamie: that’s crazy
Dee: I know a health freak who loves Taco Bell
Jamie: that and how much we have in common
Dee: yeah that too
They looked at each other for a second
Dee: um…[she giggled] we should go I told B I’d be back by two
Jamie: oh yeah I’ll have you home by curfew goody-two-shoes
Dee: ha, ha
They got up and walked to the car in silence giggling every now and then when they bumped into each other and looked at each other. They got to the car Jamie opened the door for Deanna. She smiled at her as she climbed in the car. Deanna giggled at her big cheesy smile. Jamie closed the door and got in the car. She started the car and pulled out. They were waiting at the red light Deanna put her hand on top of Jamie’s hand that was on the gear shift.
Jamie: what are you doing?
Dee: huh
She had her head leant back on her headrest looking over at her. Jamie leaned over to give her a kiss. The car behind them honked the horn. Jamie looked up and the light was green
Jamie: sit see what you do to me girl [driving]
Dee: I didn’t do it [still looking at her]
Jamie: you did. your just to damn hot.
Dee: tell me something I don’t know
Jamie giggled. They got to Taco Bell Jamie pulled in and parked.
Jamie: ok its 1:45. Do you want to go in and eat of do you want to go through the drive thru and eat back in your garage while you do your laundry
Dee: lets go back to my place
Jamie: that’s what I like to hear.
She smiled put on her shades and pulled into the drive thru. Deanna giggled.
Dee: I love those shades
Jamie: yeah? Here [taking them off] you can have them
Dee: I cant take your shades
Jamie: oh its ok
She opened the center console and pulled out a pair of shades just like the ones she had in her hand.
Dee: what do you do collect sun glasses? [taking the glasses out Jamie’s hand]
Jamie: no. my dad owns a little company that sales accessories [putting them on]
Dee: that must mean you can get a lot of free jewelry.
She put on her shades then looked over at Jamie who looked at her and shook her head
Jamie: damn we aint even dating yet and she already wants jewelry. Jamie what did you get yourself into?
Deanna laughed and they got to the mic thing
Jamie: what did you want
Deanna: what ever you get
Jamie: you sure
Dee: I’m pretty sure we’d order the same thing
The female voice that came out the box was bored and unenthusiastic
Voice: how may I help you?
Jamie: can I get two fully loaded nacho’s and two large mountain dews.
Voice: ok you total is $10.83 pull around.
Jamie pulled around and looked at Deanna
Dee: exactly what I would have ordered
Jamie: your lying
Dee: no I’m serious I always order nachos and some times a burrito if I’m in the mood. Its like the nachos have less grease then the other thing on the menu
Jamie: you really are a health freak huh?
Dee: I try to stay away form all the fat foods but I’m weak when it comes to some things
Jamie: like…
Dee: oh, chocolate, coffee, Taco bell
They laughed.
Jamie: what else makes you weak?
Dee: you
They looked at each other not noticing the girl standing in the window
Girls: [she cleared her throat] 10.83
Jamie rolled her eyes pulled her wallet out her back pocket and gave the girl her card. Deanna laughed at Jamie.
Jamie: what?
Dee: you should of seen your face
Jamie: its like every time some one interrupts
Dee: you’ll be ok
She rubbed Jamie’s shoulder. Jamie took her hand and kissed it. The girl came back to the window handed her the card and the receipt then gave her the food and drinks. She handed Deanna the food and put the drinks in the cup holders and then pulled off
Jamie: that girl had attitude problems
Dee: yeah she did
They got to Deanna’s place.
Jamie: you wont to get out and I’ll park
Dee: no just pull up in my garage my mom wont be home for a few hours
Jamie: ok
She backed in they got out the car. Jamie sat on the back of her car Deanna got her clothes out the wash machine and put them in the dryer and walked back over to Jamie.
Jamie: you know you really shouldn’t bend over in that skirt. [handing her a drink]
Dee: were you looking at my ass
Jamie: uh.. Its kind of hard not to
Dee: [she gasped] Jamie!
Jamie: what?! I’m only human
Dee: what ever
Jamie: what you have a nice ass I’m sorry that I looked. Gosh!
Dee: you are so lucky your so cute [under her breath]
Jamie: you like I’m cute
Dee: damn you hear everything
Jamie: I have good hearing
Deanna shook her head and took a sip oh her drink before opening her nachos.
Jamie: I want to know more about you
Dee: well
Her phone rang. She looked at it
Dee: its my dad hold on
She put in her Bluetooth and answered it
Dee: hello…hey, yeah…uh hold on for a second
She put her phone on mute
Dee: he wants to talk about something. I’ll be right back don’t go any where
Jamie: ok. I’ll be here
She smiled then took her phone off of mute and walked out the guarage. Bryan came out the house with his soccer ball
Bryan: sup Jamie
Jamie: hey B
He gave her dap
Bryan: where’s Deanna
Jamie: out there talking to her dad
Bryan: oh. What yawl up to?
Jamie: nothing just eating some nachos and talking
Bryan: oh sweet nachos
He took one of Deanna’s nachos
Bryan: she aint going to eat them all any ways. Hey have you met her boy friend?
Jamie: their not dating any more
Bryan: since when?
Jamie: uh they broke up around one.
Bryan: damn
Jamie: what you like him with her?
Bryan: no I couldn’t stand that dude. I just wanted to do it
They laughed
Bryan: you know she hasn’t been this happy in months and she just me you what… a day ago?
Jamie: you think she really like me?
Bryan: oh yeah. She’s just scared. If you want to get any thing from my sister you have to take it. If you want any thing out of her you’ve got to force it out of her. If you wait for her to give it voluntarily you’ll get no where. Trust me I know.
They laughed.
Jamie: thanks B
Deanna walked back in
Dee: ok yeah…His phone is on…Ok bye
She hung up the phone
Dee: dad is planning on calling you
Bryan: man I was going to play soccer
Dee: tell him that
Bryan: man alright
He gave Jamie dap and took Deanna a hug the took one of her nachos and walked out the guarage
Bryan: remember what I told you Jamie! [calling back]
She laughed and shook her head
Dee: what was that about?
Jamie: nothing.
Dee: what ever
Jamie’s phone rang. She took it out her pocket and answered it
Jamie: yeah…hey grandma…right now?…but…ok I’ll be there…yeah bye
She hung up the phone
Dee: you have to go?
Jamie: [sigh] yeah my grand mother needs me to go to the store for her.
Dee: ok
She got down off the back off the car and helped Deanna down. Deanna fell forward and Jamie caught her. She held Deanna’s waist on both sides Deanna had her arms around Jamie’s neck.
Dee: yeah that was smooth.
Jamie laughed Deanna looked up at her
Jamie: yeah your graceful
She leaned down and gave Deanna a kiss. They kissed a couple of times Jamie leaned her against the car and they kept kissing. They stopped Jamie rested her forehead on Deanna’s they were both breathing hard
Dee: wow
Jamie: yeah
Dee: you have to go don’t you?
Jamie: yeah
They started kissing again. Bryan walked behind them.
Bryan: told you. You had to take it
Dee: [breaking their kiss] what? [she was breathing hard]
Jamie: noting. I have to go
Dee: yeah.
They let go of each other. Deanna grabbed her food off the car and put it on the dryer then walked over to Jamie who was standing by the open driver side door.
Dee: call me?
Jamie: of course.
She gave her a kiss and got in the car and pulled out. Deanna grabbed her food and went in the house. She gave the nachos to Bryan who was looking in the fridge
Dee: what did you mean
Bryan: what are you talking about sis?
Dee: the You had to take it comment
Bryan: nothing. That was between me and your girlfriend.
Dee: I want to know
Bryan: so she is your girlfriend
Dee: B this isn’t funny
Bryan: it kind of is. Thanks for the nachos
He walked out the kitchen
Dee: I hate you!
Bryan: I know! [calling back]
Her mom walked in the door with a box of Chinese food.
Mrs. H: what are you guys talking about?
Dee: nothing really [taking the box and sitting it on the counter]
Mrs. H: oh, well I got you the usual because you were out with Don when I ordered
Dee: yeah
Mrs. H: how is Don? He never comes around any more
Dee: uh…we broke up [going through the box]
Mrs. H: you did? When?
Dee: today around one. [eating a piece of chicken] it wasn’t working out
Mrs. H: oh I’m sorry to here that. He was such a nice boy
Dee: yea that’s what you think [mumbling]
Mts. H: you say something sweetie? [going through the mail]
Dee: no mom. I’m going to get my clothes
Mrs. H: ok [ripping open a piece of mail]
She went out into the garage and took her clothes out of the dryer and put the ones in the washer in the dryer grabbed her basket and went inside. After she grabbed her food she went up stairs and sat on her bed. She put the food on her dresser and took her phone out of her pocket then started to fold clothes. After she folded her clothes she was laying across her bed reading her book. About 7:30 she was down stairs in the garage getting her clothes out the dryer. The wind blew and made her shiver. She went and pushed the button to close the garage door. When it was almost closed a skateboard rolled under it which stopping it. Deanna stopped the board with her foot and opened the garage door back up and Jamie was standing there.
Dee: loose something [kicking it back to her]
Jamie: thanks [catching it with her foot and popping it up into her hand]
Dee: ooh magic tricks
Jamie: yeah wait till you see what else I can do magical [walking towards her]
Dee: I’m not even going to lie. I’m curious [holding out her hand]
Jamie: [smiling and taking her hand] that’s what I like to hear
She kissed Deanna’s hand. Deanna tried to give her a kiss but Jamie stopped her.
Dee: what?
Jamie: isn’t your mom home?
Dee: your not going to kiss me because my mom is home?
Jamie: I’m trying to help you out I’m sure you don’t want us to start making out right here and your mom walks out here and catches us.
Dee: [sigh] I hate when your right
Jamie laughed.
Dee: but its sweet that you think about me first
Jamie: I am sweet. [putting her skateboard down]
Dee: but I could care less if she sees.
Jamie: damn I let out the beast in you girl
Deanna laughed then pulled Jamie’s face down and to hers gave her a kiss.
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