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by Bruce.
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A look back to 1967. Rhyme.
The Summer of Love.

The summer of love in the year sixty-seven.
Youthful expressions in wondrous muddles.
Changing the world to be more like heaven.
Aggression tackled with kisses and cuddles.

Courting the girls in the hot summer nights.
I'm feeling groovy, so happy and free.
Not knowing that I'm in somebody's sights.
Her lust and her passion are aiming at me.

Days at my sister's and feeling at ease.
Sharing the humour the banter and chat.
Her friend would be there and often would tease.
But I never thought it was much more than that.

Sometimes we'd all trip off down to the pool.
Her friend is so flirty when sister's not looking.
A bikini clad girl acting hot and then cool.
I wasn't aware she was reeling me in.

Getting seduced by someone who's older.
Easing my nervousness, best as she can.
Leaving me glowing, excited, and bolder.
Out with the young boy and in with the man.

Innocence stolen to give her a thrill.
Then said, Iā€™m really too young for her love.
Enjoying her power now she has the pill.
Got tossed aside like an unwanted glove.

If I had the chance to return to that day.
Taking my knowledge back if I could.
Would I allow her to use me that way?
You bet your blinking good life that I would.

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