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Listen when there is no sound*Hear when no one speaks*Then you may just...
Listen when there is no sound
and hear when no one speaks.
Then you may just overcome
the fate of my mistakes.

Her Tears

If she cries alone and no one sees
If she yells out the pain but no one hears
If no one cares as her tears fall
Is she really there at all?

So easy not to see or hear
Signs ignored now seem so clear.
She gave up, and will forever be,
just a haunting memory.

Can you picture, in your mind,
how she needed you and cried?
Do you ever try to listen to a voice unheard,
until it's missing?

Would you have been so full of pride,
if you knew before she died,
that all the time you didn't give,
Wasn't spared but only hid,

for the day you'd come to kneel,
beside her grave to bid farewell?
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