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Anecdotes from others
My intention is to use these anecdotes wherever they will work.

. . . my daughter was a preemie and she had two habits that frustrated me then.

She couldn't swallow much at a time so when the milk really started flowing she would 'unlatch' herself and watch with the air of an interested tourist at some waterfall until the flow decreased enough for her taste! Hats off to her survival instinct though - she never let herself choke on the extra milk.

In the hospital well meaning nurses had given her a couple of feeds of formula which is slightly sweeter than breast milk. The next two or three times I tried to feed her after that she 'spat' me out and would angrily cry for the 'good stuff'! She eventually decided breast milk is better than no milk.

I mention these two points only because in the midst of all that frustration I was thinking that I need not worry that my daughter was in any way mentally incapacitated by her premature entry into the world. She showed character and determination at a very young age.

~Jyo in Mumbai
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