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A description of the Five Forms, from an unfinished story of mine.
Designed for "Sekaikata", a story I haven't finished yet.
for a translation, see "The Elemental Circle

“Sekaikata: the World Form. We have barely begun to discover the mysteries of these natural occurrences. What is apparent is that it grants certain individuals extraordinary control over the five elements of nature. When one first exhibits some ability with any of the Five Forms, he is called Meijin. We can map the forms by way of the Elemental Circle, a pattern of ancient origin on which the five elements are arranged. Every person will naturally gravitate towards one side of the circle, towards one of the elements, but only Meijin are able to achieve elemental powers.”
from The Book of Origins

Fire is the First Element, that existed at the beginning of time. It is destructive and beneficial at the same time. Fire is made stronger by strong emotions (Anger, Love, etc...), but held back by weak ones (Fear, Sorrow, etc...). The greatest natural source for Fire is the Sun, and its organ is the Heart.

Water is always in motion. Hot and cold, hard and soft, ebbing and flowing. It is the most intellectual of the Elements, as it is deep and ancient. It is best controlled by focusing the mind, and is weakened by distractions. Water's energy source is the Moon, and its body organ is the Mind.

Wind is flighty, erratic, and enthusiastic. While sometimes single-minded, it is instinctively clever and virtually indestructible. It is also nearly impossible to control, except by others of its kind. Wind is enhanced by happiness and enthusiasm, but is weakened by grief and sorrow. Its source is Air, and its organ is the Lungs.

Earth is immobile; Earth is unquestioning; Earth is relentless. It focuses on physical aspects, relying on its strength and invulnerability to withstand opposition. When it doesn't stand alone, it provides a reliable base for others. Earth is strongest when it is fiercely determined, but fails when its uncertainty takes over. Earth's energy source is the Ground, and its organ is the Muscles.

Wood is the youngest Element. It was the last to arrive, and will be the first to disappear. It is the Element of Life, and forms the base for every single creature. It is soft-spoken and nurturing, and usually the last to join a discussion. It is given great power by its compassion for others, but begins to unravel if it relents to selfishness. Wood's natural source is the World Forest, and its organ is the Stomach.

The more sure a person is about their identity, the clearer their position on the Circle will become. While everyone can display traits from any of the Elements at different times, they will usually have one dominant personality that aligns more closely with a single Element. However, as an individual becomes more aware of the world around them, and of the nature of the universe, they will draw closer to the center of the Circle, where all things are the same. The division of Elements becomes irrelevant, and even the separation between Life and Death becomes meaningless.
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