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Rated: E · Serial · Psychology · #1512427
A story prolonged. new entries here

"So, you say you are going crazy?"
"Would a crazy man say that?"
The grey uniform light came an eirie glow from the clouds engulfing the room in the sobering grey shade.
"tell me about your friends"
he reclined in his office chair for a moment. 
"I don't have any friends?"
"You have had friends in the past right?"
he put his head in his hands,to glean from so long ago the broken memores he never repaired.
"His name was Dave, we went to school together when I was young"
"what happened to dave?"

He Saw it broadcasted against the walls of his skulls, an old projector movie faded and grained against the passage, he and dave sat next to each other, not physically but in spirit. dave had deep rings under his eyes, and wore a flanel shirt to hide his thin torso from the winter cold.
but they were not outside, oh no they were in a room. A room with white washed walls and no windows, and could only be inhabitated peacefully by those who wish to return to the womb.

and they were being tested, not a test like a normal test. not a test that you could fail, not a test to findwhat you know, but who you know.

"it's a beutiful thing, insanity"

and dave was sitting next to him, but dave didn't look like dave, dave looked like death.

and the entire room started panicking, as the guards small beady eyes darted back and forth lke beetles on their backs, and all the people looked on with blank stares, stares that held the same errie quality as the bell the toned that sunday morning, and the women's look in her eyes, but nothing carried it as greatly as the slumped over body that lay in dave's desk.

they later told you that dave had been in a panic, and had put his two number two pencils in his nose and slammed his face on a desk.
noone spoke for the longest time till an old man in the back raised his hand and said "Did he fail the test"
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1512427-The-Methods-of-Madness