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Topic should say what it might be...
Most writers might think this is extremely odd, but as a writing tool, I do not use any sort of journal, diary, or blog.

For me, such things are impossible to create because I store my every though in my mind. I don't take any kind of notes either; I can normally remember facts easily the first time I hear it. I also don't want to be able to remind myself of my past actions or thoughts because I don't want to give regret any chance to take hold on me. I decided long ago that I will live with my choices, no matter what they are because I can not go back and change them, so there is no sense in looking to the past for comfort. Off topic, yes, but i'm a chain logic kind of person.

I know that this reasoning is probably not a valid excuse and likely makes no logical sense. But that's just my way of thinking. My train of thought is very chaotic, hence my name: 2chaotic.

The method I use to write is a very simplistic one: sit and stare at the page until I get what I want from it. Or at least that's how anyone who was watching me would describe it. I don't write anything down as a guide. I tend to write my final draft first, and since it works well for me, that's how I do it.

As for the blog question, I do not keep one in accordance with what I said above. I believe that blogs are just places where people can rant freely about whatever's on their mind at the time. That's the sense I get when I read some. Maybe I should get one, it might help me rant better. And I love a good rant.
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