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Rated: ASR · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1513075
The first chapter in an epic story about a town that becomes over run with undead.
It was a calm peaceful night in the little town of Ryld.  The town, named after a great karate master, has stood through almost everything floods, fires, mass murders, and even a plague of giant lizard men.  The day had been a mostly normal day, which was odd because it was Friday the 13.  Ander was sitting on his roof with his girlfriend, Tara, when the phone rang. His parents had gone, like the rest of the adults in the town, to the town hall to protest the new bill that had just been passed.

As he got up to get the phone, he glanced at Tara. She had dark brown almost black hair and blue eyes. She was skinny, had an athletic build, and she knew how to kill a person a dozen different ways with her bare hands. He loved her all the more for it.

“Hello,” he said. 

“Ander, have you seen the news?” 

“No,” Ander replied “Why?”  He grabbed the remote and turned the T.V.  on. 

“What channel?  Nicos,” Ander asked to his best friend. 

“Try channel 9.  The protesters at the town hall have become a riot.  If I am seeing what I think I am seeing then they have become zombies as well!”  He responded.

“Hey get a hold of yourself!  No one there is a zombie!”

  Ander told him, but as he looked at the television he started to believe Nicos more and more.  The picture was of cops shooting at a mob with pistols, but the bullets just went through their target.  Nobody died or even fell over.  Sometimes an arm would fall off, but not very often.

“Get everyone over here now!  We need to talk about this!”  Ander ordered.

“Right away,” came the response. He hung up and yelled at Tara to come in.

“What is it?” she asked him.

“Well, the mob downtown is now zombies, not humans,” Ander answered her.

Ten minutes later, a few of the most popular kids in town had assembled at my house. Tara, Nicos, James, Farsi, Lisa, and Ander were all sitting in Ander’s living room watching the news reports.

“This can’t be real but I say we fight them!  I would rather choke and die then not fight them!  If we are to save the city we must stand and fight,” He proposed, “So count me in!”

The rest of the council was willing to put their troops into action. 

The city had been divided into four parts: the scouts; where most of the Boy scouts held their meetings, karate; in honor of the statue in the park, the schools; where the high school and the elementary school are, and the 13th street graveyard, which Ander now leads. 

Ander’s troops consist of kids from ages ten to fourteen. He is now fifteen and was therefore put in charge of them.

“Go back to your sections and get everyone ready and meet back here!  ASAP!” he ordered. Unofficially he leads the whole city, as well.

When everyone had left his house, Ander called everyone under his command and asked all of them to bring any weapons they had to his house.  While Ander was calling, the last of his troops, the first of them arrived. 

Some had knives, one even had an axe, while others still came with bats, but some did not have any weapons.  Ander happened to have his own real sword, and collection of wooden weapons that he handed out freely, hoping to get back in one piece.  Most kids were wearing facemasks they use for paintball or airsoft, but some only had buckets.  They ran out of supplies before Ander, Nicos, or Tara could get any kind of head protection.

Just as he was going to tell the newly assembled troops to head to the cemetery, the phone rang. 

“Hello?”  He answered

“Ander!  Stay where you are they are turning down 13th now!  Da-!” the person on the other end said before the line went dead. 

“Find cover!  We are staying here!  You have five minutes!” Ander shouted. 

He then turned to his girlfriend “Do you know James, the leader of the scouts?” 

“Yes, of course he was just here an hour ago,” she said.

“Find him and bring his troops here!  We need all the help we can get!”  He told her and she ran off. 

People were tipping tables over, stacking chairs on their sides, and, one kid was even nailing the backdoor shut.

“Do not hold back because they will not!  I have sent for help, but it will not be here for a while!  Fight hard and we will win!” 

“Kill the lights,” he said to the kid near the light switch.

The whole house was quiet except for the ticking of the clock and the hum of the furnace. 

Ander glanced at the clock for the time and it read 11:55 P.M.

Nicos sitting next to him, who was also behind the table that Ander had overturned for cover, whispered, “I think I hear them, but I can’t be certain.” 

“Something tells me that it’s going to be a long night,” Ander whispered back to him. 

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