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Rated: ASR · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1513091
Ch 3. Ander finds himself fighting for his life as the undead attack him ruthlessly.
Boom!  Boom!  The front door sounded.  Boom!  Boom! Crash! It burst open.  A few zombies hobbled in.

Everyone has seen pictures of what undead are supposed to look like and read stories about the smell that hovers around the undead skeletons. These undead looked worse than any picture Ander had ever seen. They had bones that were half-decomposed and bugs crawling all over their insides, which could be seen because they had no skin. What the stories got wrong was that they did not smell that bad, they tended to stretch the truth. The smell was like a cross between a dead skunk smell and a sewer plant’s waste.

“The smell is bad but bearable,” Ander thought.

Ander looked at Nicos and whispered one word, “Now!” and with that, both Ander and Nicos roared “AHHHHHHHHH!”  and jumped at first undead that came into his house. 

Anders sword easily cut through the zombie’s dead flesh.  The next one threw himself at Nicos, but he easily dodged his slow blow. The undead was easily finished with a blow to the back with one of Nicos’s bats. 

The rest of Anders troops, which the council called the 13th grave or gravediggers according to the troops, then charged and attacked the zombies as well.  Some kids jumped right through the window shattering it, and cutting themselves in the process but it did not slow them down. 

As Ander finished off his third zombie, he glanced around at the battle surrounding him. He saw people and zombies dropping like flies all him, then out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of white.

He turned and looked and saw on the roof of Nicos’s house across the street was a girl who looked like his girlfriend, dark almost black hair but instead of Tara’s tan skin she had skin as white as snow; below her was Tara kneeling bound and gagged. 

Ander became furious and charged strait into a horde of zombies that had surrounded Nicos and killed them all before they could react.    Nicos used his bat to hit a zombie in the chest that had walked up after Ander had killed the others and it crumbled. 

“Nicos, your house!  Roof!”  He yelled over the roar of battle.  Nicos cursed as he saw what was on his roof.

“This way,” Nicos said as he led Ander toward his yard killing undead as they went. 

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