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Can we look at each other with eyes of truth, ... as we fall into each other’s love?
Can we look at each other
with eyes of truth, trusting
as we fall into each other’s love,
flying free, finding shelter
in the storm, warmth in the cold?

Why do men put labels
on feelings, compromising truth?
Crossed fingers behind the back
of like and care, convincing themselves
that love must be rationed,
handed out sparingly.

Living in that tomorrow of
maybe/could be/hope so
where the significant other
will always look and act
the way he thinks she should,
who, why and how she is being irrelevant.

Does love that’s veiled through “time
will tell”, illuminate what will be,
or does it grow like a plant sprouting
through the soil of patience, tolerance
and acceptance, defining its own place?

Do we live by contour of the spirit
or of the flesh? For some, the mind
is the perfect way to the heart, for others
the heart and spirit know the truth.
Which is the way that leads home?
If the union of two souls breathe life
creating a unique spirit, can they look
at each other with eyes of truth,
knowing immediate trust, falling into
each other effortlessly in the ocean
of life? Makes me wonder.

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