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What force is behind human nature; why do life, health, joy, pleasure and peace elude us?
What is the force behind our human nature? Why do we still allow life, health, joy, pleasure and peace to elude us?  Historically, human behavior reveals an insanity that insists on responding to our differences with force and destruction, while expecting a different outcome each time. Have we learned nothing from the past? Should we allow science fiction dooms day stories to come to pass, and our grandchildren dream the tales their parents used to tell, of when the earth was green and the water and sky blue? Is it possible to acknowledge the blessings in our lives instead of complaining about what we don’t have but covet?  Will we eat well to nourish our bodies; do our best, take care of our businesses and ourselves in healthy productive ways?  Will we show and tell our loved ones that they are precious to us and that we do value them?  Can we express this love unconditionally? Will we be peaceful with one another instead of choosing to curse; yell, scream, loose our patience, often ready to kill one another?  Can we change the way we live because we understand that to live unconsciously is death, but to live with the truth of who we are as spirit beings, encased in flesh, is life?  Are we ready for the power that comes with this truth? 

Humans have progressed to the stage of destroying the “garden” in the name of advancing mankind.  But we all know that it is human greed and lust for power that have brought us to the current state of our melting polar caps and animal extinctions. Yet we are in the position to stop destroying this planet and create a new and beautiful garden.  The healing ability of life on this planet is miraculous and there are numerous documented accounts.  From people overcoming incredible physical odds to achieve what was thought impossible, to the planet’s ability to heal itself from destruction caused by man or forces of nature.  If we are not about love, we are not about life, and if we are not about life then we are not allowing the Spirit of God to move through us.  It only takes the faith of a mustard seed for it to be possible for human beings to walk on the water (of faith) in order to move the mountains of envy, anger, jealousy, pride, greed, lust and slothfulness from our nature. After all, the purpose for the shed blood of Christ was to cleanse us from all sin and unrighteousness.

When we choose only to see our worlds as small and selective, then the conditions of our lives are plagued with suffering as “our gods” dictate the limits placed upon love and lack of tolerance for people; religions and nations. This so called god-like behavior we like to exemplify impedes the flow of the God given Holy Spirit and the miracles that are intended to be a part of our daily lives.  Humans on this planet must acknowledge the intricate interconnectedness of all life on Earth. If you stop to think about it, had people been more conscientious of the signals leading up to the Tsunamis, is it possible that the outcomes might have been different?  Perhaps the energy that helped to create the catastrophically turbulent weather conditions we are experiencing, is merely meteorological phenomenon fueled by the vast amount of negative energy emanating from the surface of this planet.

Something to think about when you consider that humans are made up of more energy than flesh, and that thought alone carries its own value in weight. Einstein addressed this concept with his theory of the Unified Field. When we ignore the power of nature and our interconnectedness to it, we do not heed the warning signs from nature. Warnings from other life forms that share this space with us, that we face loosing it all. Yet, everything has been provided for us to enrich the quality of existence on Earth.  We humans have been given instinct as well as our developed critical thinking; it is crucial that we use both if we are to undo the damage that we’ve caused.

We have a choice to make. If all of us start making the changes that we need in our own individual lives in order to allow life to heal, then we can create a utopia here on Earth. At least a utopia compared to how we have been living on this planet. Just the idea of utopia is an amazing concept; a miraculous, wondrous even magical thing brought to reality by a powerful sense of purpose. Christ said that the things He did, we can do and more.  Yet if we choose not to make changes, reality will far out shine the fiction of our scientific horror fantasies. If the human behavior we have practiced through the centuries does not change, then everything we do will continue to ultimately lead to the grave; death of spirit and mind, followed by the body and life on our planet as we know it. Those who have embraced Jesus as Savior have been given a new commandment…, “that you love the Lord your God with all your heart; with all your soul, with all your spirit and with all your mind; and love your neighbor as yourself “. We can only truly show our love for God when we take care of creation.

We have a great deal to work with today, more so than at any other time in history.  All of nature waits for us to take our rightful place as the care takers of this planet.  But are we ready?  How much more do we need to loose and destroy before we get it, figure it out and start making corrections in our course?  We have been given so many examples throughout his-story.  What are we going to do with what we know?  The spirit, mind and body of man must be made well, at ease, in perfect soul balance; at peace.  It’s a choice, and we have been given the right, with this privilege, to make a choice and the responsibility to be accountable for it.  This planet is a truly wondrous and mystifying creation; it will heal itself if we allow it, but the choice is ours to make. The responsibility is ours; it is the ultimate commission, the Holy Grail, the reason for our being.

Of all life on Earth, we are the only ones who can be the caretakers and we must take responsibility, not just for our individual lives but for the life and well being of the planet.  We must choose to live lives that are conscious of the consequences of everything we do and stop polluting our inner and our outer worlds.  We need to return the Earth to the status of Eden as it was created to be. Just think of the mountains that need to be moved in your life, in human life in general and plant and sea and air life.  Let’s tend this garden as we were meant to and allow her true beauty to evolve to a greater state of being. 

I wonder if this can happen in my life time.  So many people have lived to witness what was considered far fetched at best by popular opinion or outright improbable by the intellectuals of the day.  Perhaps my lifetime will reveal an evolutionary advancement beyond my wildest imagination.  I except that nothing is impossible and although at times painstakingly slow, the human spirit and strength of character have proven time and again to rise to the challenge of meeting life head on.  The answers and the future lay with the new generation and the strength of their desire to restore and perpetuate a beautiful quality of life for all of life.
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