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Its about my Christmas celebration...How it went well...
To start with, I should say that I would cherish this Christmas and New Year particularly in the years to come...

First of all, it is a long time since all of us in our family were together. Since I belong to a traditional middle class family from India, it surely gives me happiness. The feeling can't be explained..

I have heard that in families,(mainly in US and UK) children start to live on their own after a particular age. According to my knowledge, may be from 16 to 18 years onwards. Also parents in such families do not make a big issue of it(I have no idea if this is true). But in India, people are more sensitive. A get-together makes a person's life special. (Especially myself here *Smile* )

This Christmas(2008), my family members and myself went to Church. As I have been brought up in a Christian environment, I find it peaceful whenever I go to church. We all attended the mass which began at around 11:45pm on 24th December. Also we took some pictures to save it in our memories. Then had a cup of tea and a piece of cake. This one is the special thing about Christmas here in the church where I attend. People are offered cakes and tea *Smile*. We then returned at around 2pm. Here at home we had some more cakes and chocolates. What is Christmas without celebrating the birth of Christ and then having cakes and chocolates *Wink*

It all went well.. I prayed to God that day that everything should go well like this forever in our lives. People should be happy like this.. the way they are during Christmas.
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