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by Jayla
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Kind of problems related to the growth.
I'm looking for the entry of the University.

I can be younger to the older than me, can also be older to the younger.

Anyways.. choices of life can be a controversial.

Crashes with parents, siblings, friends and even with myself.

Who doesn't know they're worried about me?

But sometimes I do think my choice is right.

(At least I wouldn't regret what I've done because It was made by me, not them.)

If I had a scope that can see what is happening on the next time, It's sort of bloody great stuff.

(Because I can fix everything to be fine.)

However, sometimes I "am" worried of my life that I chose.

I don't know how deep proud of others are, whatever.

Just like getting start to feel my life as a burden on my back?


People ask others for their problem to make sure their choice.

Comparing.. then decide! Exactly I was right!! like that.

And this can be also like that to make myself sure about my problem.

I'm not gonna regret for what I've done.

It would be better rather than to regret for what I've not done.

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