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This is a story that I wrote for fun...Hope you enjoy!
I can't believe that we are actually moving! I think that its horrible! But mom says that its an "Adventure!" I mean, "Give me a Break". "Sweety,we are here!" There it is. The house... I MISS EVERYONE AT SCHOOL! :"It would be a pleasure if you help us place the boxes that are full of things to our new house ya know!" My dad said "New House" the happy and golly way. Its so not cool! I took the box that was labeled "Lizzy's clothes/books". As I was walking each step on the staircase I thought about all the boys at my school and how they would be partying about me leaving the school/neighborhood.Ugh.I hate them so much! At the moment I got to my room, I got a text on my sidekick. Its from my best friend, Kiran. She's Indian and believes in lots mythical creatures. She's insane but that's the reason that I like her as a friend.The text said "YO!r u at yor nw house?" I ignored the text and deleted it. I opened the door to my new room and placed the box on the floor. Then I spotted a note in the coner of the room. "Whoever finds this note will ..."

to be continued....
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