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by Rehan
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #1514706
Heir: A young man's journey to avenge his father's death and take his rightful throne.
Please understand this is due to change and I understand there are some spelling and grammatical errors. Thanks!

Prologue: Midnight Flight

The wind chilled the very soul of the priest as he rode, baby cradled in his arms. His orange irises expanded due to the lack of light. Monotonously, the horse’s hooves created a clip-clopping sound that carried itself far into the tar-black shadow and bounced off the impending trees. Usually a ten-day’s ride, Bedspoint was a thirteen-day’s ride due the small, living, breathing cargo the priest carried. That was only if the goblins did not pursue.
The horse whinnied. The sound carried itself deep into the trees for only the nymphs and dryads to enjoy. Due to his immense hatred of long journeys, the priest sighed.
Hours were all the old man could take. Inadvertently he started to nod off into a deep sleep. The freighting sound of the baby’s cries immediately aroused him. An unsullied light shone on the newborn’s neck. Quickly, he uncovered the long hair over the gold light. There, he saw a mark, a pale-gold drop of blood letting off a throbbing luminescent light. Gasping, the priest thought, a sign of impending evil.
The priest spurred his horse as a loud screeching-hissing sound filled the forest. Behind him, he spotted a black robed figure on horseback. The robed being hissed again and screamed, “Give the baby up! We have you ssssurounded!”
To his utter horror the priest beheld two more black riders ahead of him. Frightened, the horse ran faster and started to loose his footing. Quickly, with a jerky leap, he jumped off the doomed horse. The excess weight gone, the creature fled into the surrounding forest.
All of the riders stopped and their leader hissed, “Now then, will you give ussss the boy or not?”
“Not without a fight. I will never disrespect my king’s mission. I fight for my king, my honor, and my duty.” He said with a gruff voice.
One of the black robed figures dismounting his horse called out, “Oh sssstop preaching you Nemosssse basssstard!
Speedily the priest pulled out his jade-bladed sword. Casting a spell, he shrieked, “Hbrimmr brimardu sh√∂pdt arngugotu!”
All three of the monsters drew their weapons. Drawing a blood red-bladed sword, the leader commanded his two companions to do the same. “If thisss isss how you chosssse to die, with the young heir, then ssssso be it!” Yelled the leader. The three black robed figures made a circle around the orange-eyed Nemose priest and started shrinking the circle. Quickly, they
The Nemose twitched.
The monsters approached.
The Nemose gripped his sword and with his free hand gripped the crying baby.
Then, the attack came. In a frenzy, the leader sung his sword down towards the priest. The priest, with a twitchy movement, blocked it and swung the monster’s blade up. Seeing their chance, the two other monsters then attacked. Singlehandedly, the priest disarmed them both and kicked one to the ground. Then he spun around to block a blow from the bloodblade wielding leader. Blocking the blow, and holding the blade in the air, he kicked the monster in the abs. Unharmed, the beast grabbed the Nemose’s extended leg and twisted it around spinning the priest, baby in arms, to the ground. All he fell he muttered a quick spell, “Jemru haei prov!”
The two fell to the ground. The baby landed smashed under the Nemose’s body. Instantaneously, the priest got up and, magically, the baby was unharmed. Limping now, the priest staggered over to the black rider. He swung angrily. The monster effortlessly blocked the attack then kicked the priest down to the ground. Bleeding from the mouth, the priest quickly stood up and swung one final time. Blocking the blow, the beast tried a stab. Dodging the attack, the priest let out a cry of pain.
“Now, you die for your king.” It hissed as it pulled it’s blood red weapon over it’s head.
I have to run, I can do nothing more. The Nemose thought. Then, he fulfilled his actions. At a mind-numbing speed his took off into the forest. His feet were a blur, he was almost as fast as his horse. Bedspoint was his destination.
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