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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Emotional · #1515200
Tobey tries to help his newly found friend Jade through her troubles.
We connected eyes immediately as she entered the room. She moved gracefully, surveying the room before walking up to me. Her features were very delicate and feminine. Her deep green eyes had a sadness hidden beneath them. She looked at me and smiled kindly. I nodded my head, knowing she needed me as much as I needed her.

We exited the building together, walking towards her car. I closed my eyes and let the cool fresh air enter my lungs. I enjoyed feeling the familiar breeze blowing against my face, tickling my nose. She unlocked the doors and I sat in the passenger seat, making myself comfortable for the ride. I watched the trees fly past as the car drove through the city. The drive was quiet, she didn’t talk much.

We pulled into a parking garage, found a spot to park and rode the elevator up to the seventh floor. The corridors of the building were clean and bright. She stopped in front of a white door with the number 31. “Welcome home.” She said, holding the door open and letting me walk in first. I moved slowly from room to room taking in my surroundings. The apartment was small, but homey. It had a lingering scent of lilac throughout that I found intriguing. Looking at her watch and realizing the time, she turned to the closet and grabbed a blanket. She laid it out on the window seat, making a cozy bed for me to sleep on. She walked to her room and slid the door closed.

I was startled by the sound of an angry crack outside the window, I soon realized it was thunder and burrowed myself back in to my blankets. As I lay quietly waiting to drift back to sleep, I heard a voice coming from the bedroom. I jumped out of my bed and stretched, walking toward her door to investigate. I noticed she’d left the door open only a small bit and nudged my way in without making a sound. I looked in the bed in the center of the room and found her, tossing and mumbling in her sleep. I realized she was having a nightmare and crawled close to her on the bed, positioning my body beside hers. She moved her hand over my head as I got comfortable and slowly fell asleep.
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