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I hate my commute so...A Humorous Poetry Entry
103 point 5

I don’t have any voices that come from within my head.
The voices that I hear come from 103 point 5 instead.
The latest breaking news and traffic every five,
the guiding voice that keeps me sane on every morning drive.

But in the pregnant pauses during station breaks
faintly from the speakers, in the silence snakes
another voice that whispers warningly to me
about the lady with the lipstick in the blue Chevy.

“Just look… three car lengths open and she hasn’t moved.
Just think how much closer you would be if she was ‘removed.’
Look at that pickup truck – he’s not secured his load!
People like that shouldn’t be allowed to share YOUR road.”

I cannot argue with the wisdom that I hear.
Another station break and right next to my ear
the voice returns and tells me how I am justified
to harbor thoughts of anger and even homicide!

I reach into my glove box and there I find a gun.
As madness overtakes me, I think of how much fun
to rid the road of sluggards that I pass along the way
and hear on 103 point 5 “Traffic’s light today!”

Suddenly I look up at the blaring of a horn.
There are people passing me, all with looks of scorn.
I guess I must have zoned out in my fantasy.
We move another car length – 103 point 5 and me.

Notes  They say they only talk to me but sometimes, I think they lie (LOL).
Lines: 36
Words: 236

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