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Childrens fun newspaper written by Miss Dinah Dinasour the roving reporter.
Hello Boys and Girls, 

Let me introduce my self to you.  I am Miss Dinah Dinasour from the Green Forest in the land of Nod.  You may wonder why I am here but a girl has to make a living some how.  I decided that I would like to become a reporter.  Boy, did my relatives back in the Green Forest laugh at me, but I don't care.  I did it any way.  I have come to see the presidential innaugeration.  How awesome to be able to witness this event.  The first African American to become president.  He will be our 44th president and I wish him well. 

I also wanted to see the Potomic River,  I have come a long way and boy am I thirsty.  I am a little dusty too so I may need to take a bath ,but it is much colder here than in the Green Forest.

I guess I can wait for that until I can find a warmer place to bathe

in. Maybe after the innaugeration I will head to Florida and go to the Everglades.  That would probably be a lot warmer and more like the Green Forest.  I may find a story or two to report on there. 

They didn't send me any tickets for the innaugeration but I am tall enough so I think I can see it all.  I even got me a new hat to wear for it.  It is a yellow straw hat with red and yellow flowers all around it.  I figured it would protect me and if I get hungry I can always eat it.  I think I better get going because I do not want to miss the innaugeration and I move pretty slowly. When I get to the everglades I will write and let you know the news from there. Have a great week and remember to mind your parents.

                                                      Miss Dinah Dinasour
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