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Ayoung boy meets a nine tailed fox
The Kitsune.

Tom was six years old and he lived with his mother and farther in a large cottage. The cottage was built beside a large forest and that was why Tom’s parents lived there because they were both biology teachers and had plenty of specimens from the forest.

It was a warm summer’s night and Tom was having a very strange dream, he was walking through the forest and he could hear a voice whispering his name.

“Tom...Tom I need your help Tom”.

As Tom walked deeper into the forest he heard the voice calling his name again, but this time he could tell it was a female voice. As he entered a clearing he heard a rustling from behind him.

Tom turned around and he saw a pair of blue eyes looking at him and for some reason the sight of this caused him to wake from his dream.

It was a few hours later and Tom was sitting in the back garden and he was thinking about his dream when the strangest thing happened. He heard the strange female voice again and when he looked towards the forest he saw what looked like a fox vanishing into the forest.

Tom new he was forbidden to wander into the forest alone but he was curious and he wasn’t going to go far. He stood up and began to enter the forest as he did he saw the fox slip behind a tree so he followed.

Tom was getting annoyed with the fox every time he saw it would vanish behind another tree and eventually Tom strayed from the path and unknown to him got himself lost. Tom saw the fox again but this time he was sure it nodded its head at him before slipping between some bushes and he dashed towards them as fast as he could.

Tom forced his way through the bushes and he found himself in a large clearing it never came to his attention that it was the same clearing from his dream and there was the fox. Tom could now see it up close and he realised it was not a normal fox.

The fox stood in the clearing and the first thing Tom noticed was its size, it was about the size of a large wolf. Secondly it was not the normal colour of a fox instead it was a deep orange colour which covered most of its body, except for its chest and stomach which were a pure white and its ears and tail were black.

But it was the third thing that shocked Tom the most as the fox swished its tail Tom realised it didn’t have one tail it had nine and when it spoke to him Tom wasn’t all that surprised.

“At last we are finally together and you can help me with my problem”.

Her voice was sweet and gentle and it made Tom feel strange he couldn’t put his finger on it but he wanted to go over to her and hug her because her thick coat looked so inviting.

“Are you a fox...I haven’t seen a fox like you before” Tom told her.

She smiled gently and replied.

“Now little one I am not a fox...I am a Kitsune a nine tailed magical creature”.

Tom had never heard of a Kitsune before but she seemed friendly enough and he once again found himself wanting to touch her soft coat.

The Kitsune eyed Tom and smiled she new he was slowly falling under her spell soon he would provide her with everything she needed.

“What’s your name child” she asked.

“It’s Tom what’s yours”.

She chuckled to herself and replied softly.

“My name is ruby...would you like a nice warm hug Tom”.

As soon as she said this Ruby new he was hers for the taking as he slowly nodded his head and began to walk towards her.

As Tom walked towards Ruby his cloths vanished but he paid little attention to it he just wanted to snuggle up with Ruby and feel her soft she was. As soon as he got close to her all nine of her thick fluffy tails wrapped around him and pulled him against warm side. Tom felt his entire body relax in the embracement of rubs tails and he felt so warm that he didn’t notice Ruby licking her lips.

“That’s a good boy just relax and in a few minutes you shall be ready to help me” Ruby whispered softly.

Tom nodded his head slowly and he did as she suggested and let his body go slack within the warm embracement of her tails. After a few minutes Tom began to feel a little weird like he was getting weaker.

“Ruby I don’t feel so good I think I need to go home” he told her.

Ruby only hushed him before licking his face, he tasted wonderful and she could hardly wait.

“Hush my child its nothing to worry about, you see my tails are slowly draining your energy I hope you don’t mind”.

Her words didn’t make sense to Tom why would she be draining his energy when all she was doing was hugging him, instead of worrying about nothing he just rested hi head against her warm side and let Ruby drain him.

Over the next few minutes Tom became more relaxed as Ruby absorbed more of his energy and as she did her stomach rumbled slightly and she knew he was almost ready.

Tom felt completely numb now and he was briefly aware of Ruby unwrapping her tails and gently lowering him to the ground and he then felt her tongue running across his skin.

“Hmm you taste wonderful child and it just so happens I am hungry, don’t worry just stay as you are I will take of everything” she told him.

Tom was unable to ask her what she meant and as he lay on the ground he was slowly becoming aware of a wet sensation spreading across his feet and as managed to lower his gaze he saw ruby had slid his feet into her mouth.
Ruby was in the middle of giving Tom’s feet a good coat of salvia when she noticed he was staring at her ad she winked at him before swallowing hard and taking his feet to the back of her throat. Tom couldn’t believe that she was eating him and all his attempts to break free from her were pointless he was too weak to do anything.

Ruby gave another powerful swallow and she felt his feet enter her throat and she continued to lick his legs before swallowing once more. Tom felt Ruby swallow again and he could now see a bulge forming in her throat as more of his legs entered.

By the time she had reached his knees her throat was bulging and her stomach was rumbling loudly telling her it wanted its next meal and she was happy to continue swallowing it. Tom could feel his lower legs wrapped tightly in Ruby’s throat and every time she swallowed he was a bit closer to her waiting stomach.

Ruby was thoroughly enjoyed Tom’s flavour so far he was the tastiest human child she had eaten and she was going to enjoy every bit of his flavour. With another powerful swallow ruby reached Toms thighs and she could feel her throat bulging outwards.

Tom was struggling as hard as he could but it was not helping him in the slightest as he felt his legs slid deeper into Ruby’s throat. By now Ruby was aware Tom was starting to struggle but she new what to do about that.

As Tom felt his waist enter Ruby’s mouth he suddenly felt her tongue moving over his crotch and he gasped with pleasure as she started to work her tongue faster and eventually a large shudder ran through Tom’s body and went completely limp again.

Ruby swallowed again she felt Tom’s feet begin to enter her stomach as all ways her little trick had worked as it always did with the males. She ran her tongue across his stomach and each lick filled her mouth with his flavour and soon that flavour would fill her belly.

Tom was frightened now he felt Ruby swallow again and his chest slid into her mouth and at the same time he felt his feet push into her stomach and from his view point he could see a small bulge pushing out her belly fur.

Ruby was giving Tom’s chest a nice coat of salvia while watching his frightened expression but soon she would soothe his fear but at the moment she had to fill her stomach so with another swallow she took him up to his neck while more of his legs entered her stomach.

Tom was now face to face with ruby and her long pink tongue was running over his face giving it a good coating of salvia and before she swallowed again she winked at him. The last thing Tom saw before his head entered her mouth was Ruby winking at him and then there nothing but warm blackness.

Ruby quickly pushed his head to the back of her throat before tilting her head back and placing a single paw on her slightly bulging belly, she then swallowed hard.

She felt Toms form slid down hr throat and enter her belly pushing the belly fur outward and causing a large human shaped bulge to appear. Tom felt Ruby give a powerful swallow and he felt himself being pushed down a dark wet tube and into a large space which he soon filled.

Ruby lay on her side admiring the shape that was bulging heavily through her belly fur and she gently stoked it and she felt her meal moving inside. Tom was curled up tightly in Ruby’s belly and every time he moved he felt Ruby pat him gently.

“Hush now child just relax and let things be you are mine now and you will nourish me” Ruby whispered.

Tom tried his best to escape but it was impossible and slowly he began to tire and eventually he just stopped struggling and let the feeling of ruby massaging him from the outside soothe him.

Ruby smiled as she felt her meal relax and she began to rub the bulge more firmly to help her stomach settle and begin to digest its large meal. Tom began to feel sleepier and eventually he dozed off and entered a deep sleep which was deepened by the sound of Ruby heartbeat.

Ruby smiled slightly as she felt her meal drift into a deep sleep she rested her head next to Toms bulge and closed her eyes and before long she to was asleep.

Tom suddenly awoke and he cried out his body felt cold and numb and as he struggled he heard ruby speak from outside. Ruby was suddenly awoken by a cry of fear and a spasm of movement from her belly; it appeared Tom had woken from his digestive slumber.

“Hush child go back to sleep it will help you will take a while to break up hush now” Ruby whispered.

Tom heard ruby’s gentle voice and felt her rubbing him from the outside and after a few minutes he was once again fast asleep. Ruby continued to rub her bulging stomach to make sure that she would not have any more problems from her meal, when she was sure Tom was in a deep sleep she settled down and went back to sleep.

When Ruby woke hours later she looked at her belly and rubbed a paw over the bulge it was much softer now and she new the her meal would not wake again as it was now well into the digestive process, she took one last look at the bulge before drifting to sleep.

Many hours later Ruby woke to the sound of a mans voice she looked at her stomach to see it was now flat and smooth all signs of her meal were gone and her body was different.

She now stood on two legs and had a nice slim body covered in orange and white fur, she had a nice pair of breasts which would be very useful and she could now merge her tails into one. She heard the male voice again and she smiled it appeared Toms farther was searching for him and she was only to happy to show him were here son was.

She took a quick look at her new body and smiled it would be too easy to catch this meal and she walked out of the clearing towards Toms farther.

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