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Ten advices which can make anyone fail the Philippine Local Nursing Licensure Examination.
         There has been numerous advises from experienced exam takers on how to help new Nursing graduates pass the local licensure exam. Whether these are tried and tested or not, it’ll still depend on the person taking the exam.

         Instead of giving advises on how to pass, I’ve made a list of ten ways to FAIL the nursing licensure exam. I’ll bet my one peso coin (circa 19xx) that all or any of these advises will DEFINITELY make anyone fail the board exam.

1. Attend review classes for the sole purpose of looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend.
2. Watch TV, DVD, VCD, VHS, koreanovela, chinovela, telenovela, anime, or game shows for 24 hours, 7 days a week, at least within 2 months until an hour before the ACTUAL EXAM.
3. Play video games (or if you don’t own a PC or any video game console, you can rent one at the nearest rental store in your friendly neighborhood) everyday until your eyes turn red (or you ran out of money to pay for the rental fee).
4. Instead of buying review books or reference materials, buy books all about jokes (green jokes are much preferable), or magazines.
5. Sleep and daydream, all day long, even while attending review classes.
6. Review and do something else at the same time, like cleaning, cooking, running, singing, texting, chatting, etc.
7. Only review for less than 10 minutes before the ACTUAL EXAM.
8. Be sure to drink at least 5 glasses of strong alcohol before, during, and after reviewing.
9. During the actual board exam taking, violate all the rules and regulations regarding the board exam and the instructions on the examination answer sheet (not only will you fail, but will also make you SUSPENDED FROM TAKING FUTURE EXAMINATIONS).
10. Follow all the ways written above (100% guaranteed!!!)
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