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Never take anyone for granted.
I'm your best friend
standing forever in your shadow,
a little shorter, a little rounder,
certainly plainer, thus I'm of no
threat to you.

You come to me for comfort,
to share every minute of each
fabulous date, giving me a
taste of what life might be if
I were you and you were me.

You tell me of his love, his
likes and dislikes, of how you
treat him unfairly at times and
tease him without mercy; I
listen, taking in every word.

We shop and I buy silly
trinkets, while you dress in the
latest styles, pouting prettily over
an imaginary pound gained when
each garment falls perfectly into place.

You come to me for sympathy when
he grows tired of your games, when
your beauty no longer seduces
and when you know he begins
cheating on you with another.

I soothe your unlined brow, bring
cold cloths for your puffy eyes,
say all the right things while
looking impatiently at the clock,
wishing you would leave me alone.

You beg to stay the night, for
me to put my life on hold once
more, to carry your burdens,
and waive my plans; I make
the phone call and return.

He came to me because I
listened when you talked and
I treat him like a man, not a
pawn and dreamed his
dreams when he left you.

I'm your best friend, yet
betrayal came so easy, when
he looked into my eyes, making
me feel pretty for the first time
in my lonely life.

You gave me confidences, I
used them to defeat you. You
gave me trust and I turned it
away. Maybe I'm not your
best friend after all.
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