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Short story/letter written for the Dear Kaya contest. Two lovers with an ocean between.
Dear Kaya,

              I've been thinking about you since the moment we were last together.  I'm sure you remember that day as well as I do.  I remember waking in the morning and looking at your peaceful, angelic face dreaming.  I hope you were dreaming of me.  However, you are an enigma, a mystery.  You always keep me guessing what you are thinking. 

              The memory that I most cherish from our last time together was the wonderful breakfast we shared in bed.  I was thrilled to be able to wake you up with the wonderful smell of hot pancakes and fresh coffee.  You looked so surprised, like no one had ever thought to do something so simple for you before.  I remember how you managed to get more of the Mrs. Butterworth maple syrup on your face than in your mouth.  My groin aches when I think of watching you stick out your tongue to lick it off.  However, you couldn't reach all of it, so I being the gentleman I am had to help the lady in distress.  So of course I removed it with the only hot, wet thing in my possesion...my own tongue. 

              I hope this is all ringing bells for you.  I would hate to think that one of the greatest erotic experiences of my life was so easily forgotten by you.  Do you remember what happened next?  Do you remember moaning in my ear in passion and desire as I licked the syrup off your cheek and then blazed a trail up along your ear?  Do you remember picking up my hand and laying it on your breast?  I was of course happy to oblige with whatever it was you wanted.  I loved how your nipples hardened beneath my fingers and how your soft, creamy breast felt in the palm of my hand.  Soon you were touching me also and I lost my mind.  I always do when you touch me.  I have never been with anyone who has a touch like yours.  At times it felt like I was dying a slow death, but if I could die any way I choose, I would choose to die at the hands of such incredible pleasure.  I only wish you were here with me so that I could explore every inch of you and rediscover the treasure I had to leave behind.   

              In case you haven't realized it yet, I am missing you.  Desperately.  I hate being in this damn army in this hot desert.  I hate thinking that I might never touch you again.  That I might never see that beautiful smile of yours again.  Most of all, I hate the thought of dying out here alone without you.  Don't get me wrong, I do love my country.  But I love you more.  Much, much more.  I think I could even learn to love this place if you were just here with me.  Because anywhere you are is where I want to be.  Well, honey, I really must go soon.  Do me a favor and go have some pancakes for both of us.  Close your eyes as you take that first taste of maple syrup and remember me.  Remember the magic between us.  I hope to see you in person again soon.  I already see you every night in my dreams, but it's always heartbreaking when I awake without you.  I love you and miss you in a myriad of ways I couldn't even begin to explain.  I have one last request to make of you before I send off this letter.  It's a simple plea, but a heartfelt one.  Wait for me.  I promise when I get home I will make it well worth the wait. 

Love Always,

Your Soldier Boy

Word Count:  629


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